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Cigar Review: Room 101 Big Payback (Chavala)

The Room 101 Big Payback is the creation of Room 101 owner Matt Booth as a nod to the consumers. The cigar is a cigar that is described by Room 101 as being priced far less than it should be in order to give back to the loyal customers. The cigar is also being produced in some of the most popular vitolas right now with the larger ring craze being in full effect.

Vitolas: The Room 101 Big Payback will come in the following vitolas: Chavala (5×50) at $4.95, Hueso (6×60) at $5.95, and the Culero (7×70) at $6.95 MSRP.

Blend: The Big Payback is a Nicaraguan puro featuring a wrapper, binder, and filler all from Nicaragua.

Appearance: The Room 101Big Payback has a chocolate brown wrapper with veins that are noticeable and some darker areas from pressing and rolling.

Pre-Light: The pre-light of the Big Payback Chavala shows spice on the wrapper to the nose and cedar and chocolate on foot with a very earthy pre-light draw.

1st Third: The first third opens with some nice spice up front then settles to show nutty profile with some cashew flavors coming to the fore front.

2nd Third: In the second third the Big Payback loses the spice from the first third, although the same nutty notes carried over. The second third also picks up a roasted quality to it.

Last Third: The last third of the Big Payback left just a bit to be desired. I felt that the flavors of the cigar really dropped off when the cigar had an opportunity to pick up and shine. I’m not saying that the last third was bad, but disappointing. This third pretty much was the same as the second third only a but muted.

Construction: (A) The construction of the Big Payback Chavala was what I would expect from a $5 cigar. The cigar had a bit of a spongy feel to it, but never showed any issues from that.

Burn: (A+) The burn of the Big Payback was nice and sharp, no touch ups or relights were required, even after setting the cigar down for several minutes.

Final Assessment: Overall the Room 101 Big Payback Chavala delivered where it should for the price. I think that if you are looking for a premium cigar at a great value then this is a cigar to look for. Room 101 did a pretty good job with this stick and it should be a good seller for them.

Rating: (Fiver) I am giving this cigar a fiver rating because I believe it is a good cigar to keep a few of on hand and can be a great alternative to lower quality “yard gars” while still not breaking the bank.

-Brandon K.

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