Cigar Review: Royal Jamaican Oro Rojo

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Size: 6 x 52 ( Toro )
Wrapper: Nicaraguan
Binder and Filler: Nicaragua, Honduras and Jamaica
Strength: Medium
Price: ~ $3.50

Behind The Stick:

Yes yes – this is a cigar that is created by Altidas – another one of those ‘love em or hate em’ companies. The Dominican constructed, Nicaraguan, Honduran and Jamaican blend carries the name ‘Royal Jamaica’ due in part to its contents, a not so common Jamaican tobacco while the Oro Rojo means ‘red gold’ in Spanish which may have come into play due to the red tint the wrapper carries. The company totes this as one of their ‘finest’ and most ‘refined’ cigars containing Jamaican tobacco – not to be a jerk but if you only have one or two blends, its not hard to be the ‘finest’ and most ‘refined’ but I digress, back on topic. The tobacco used for Royal Jamaica cigars is actually sprayed with Bethune, a mixture of herbs, vinegar and various alcohols, (including Jamaican rum). This has a couple different purposes, but the main one being the flavor and aroma it adds to the cigar. Let us see if this ‘middle of the road’ Jamaican blend is worthy of the gold wrapper or if Altidas is just trying to dress up a dog turd – Onto the damn review!


One thing I really liked about this cigar is also something I find rather frustrating – the outer band which covers the entire cigar – is nothing more than a sleeve with another band under that. It was frustrating because I was trying my best to remove the outer band without tearing ( to save the band ) but ended up tearing it and just ripped it off, only to find a second band was resting against the cigar, under the source of my frustration.

That being said – the cigar itself was evenly packed from head to foot, the cigar cut and lit like a champ and burned evenly throughout. This cigar was resting in my humidor for a little over a year, the cellophane taking on a bit darker hue due to the time spent resting. My one bitch ( you knew it would be here ) – is that at one part the wrapper actually looks like it separated slightly. Again, it burned through it without issue and I couldn’t tell it even existed except for the initial appearance – go figure.


If you didn’t know this cigar was sprayed, you might be taken back by the pepper, hazelnut, coffee and pepper bite that followed just after lighting this smoke. The sweetness, honey and outright sugar begin to catch up a few minutes into the cigar, creating an amazing, balanced combination. This flavor profile pretty much held on throughout the smoke, only the last inch or so if its life did the flavors turn bitter, sour and dark.


Altidas – You make one of my favorite cigars ( H. Upmann Vintage Cameroon ) and I have to admit, I think that this cigar is going to be added into the same category. This was not an exceptionally complex cigar – it was right on that border or nothing overwhelmingly negative and nothing overwhelmingly positive. The cigar is just under $4 bucks a pop and for that price – the flavors and the delivery were excellent. A box of 25 runs around 85 dollars and with a price like that, its hard not to acknowledge. That being said – if you are looking for a celebration cigar, a ‘special’ cigar or a ‘wow’ cigar, keep looking. This is a good, solid ‘yard gar’ or commute smoke – in my opinion. If you have been able to try the Royal Jamaican Oro Rojo, please let me know your thoughts!

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