Cigar Review : Surrogates Skull Breaker

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Surrogates Skull Breaker

Size: 5.25 x 52 ( Belicoso )
Wrapper: Nicaraguan
Binder and Filler: Nicaraguan
Strength: Full
Price: $7.50 each

Surrogates Skull Breaker

Behind The Stick:

One of my favorite parts of the cigar world is when seemingly completely different entities come together for a common purpose with sincere intent. The Surrogate Skull Breaker is exactly this type of a cigar – although rather intimidating from the band to the wrapper to the hype, this was actually a cigar that was produced for “… the excitement of a limited edition stick at a consumer-conscious price point and be readily available”. New Havana Cigars out of Ohio had teamed up with Pete Johnson of Tatuaje Cigars while being physically created by the My Father Cigars factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. While the intent and collaboration have been broadly spoken about the actual specifics of the cigar have been a bit of a mystery with the exception that “Nicaraguan tobacco is used”.

Surrogates Skull Breaker



Special release cigars have a tendency to be very hit or miss – either they fall apart or they are the epitome of what a cigar should be. Well – the Surrogate Skull Breaker is the later – clipped without issue, evenly packed ( maybe a little firm ) from head to foot this smoke lit quickly and produced copious amounts of smoke. All in all – I really have nothing negative to say but with a collaboration of this level – did you expect anything else?

Surrogates Skull Breaker


Always the most important and most subject part of the review – How does it taste?! This is one of those rare cigars that truly gives you exactly what you are expecting – dark, rich, powerful, spicy with a hint of that rough sweetness. The first puffs of the Surrogates Skull Breaker is coated in cocoa – that dry yet bitter sweet kick that turned into a powerful earthy almost campfire like after taste. Chocolate, earth, leather, espresso and black pepper work in a combination that is not the more complex or diverse but rather ‘done right’ as a cigar should be. The last portion of the cigar has this eerie resemblance to the Liga Privada No 9 in that chalky, unique ‘feel’ near the end of the cigars life.

Surrogates Skull Breaker


I think that New Havana Cigars, Pete Johnson and the Garcia Factory have accomplished exactly what they meant to. A good cigar at a good price with a good motive. While I would not consider this a ‘great’ cigar I put this up there in the affordable yet luxurious category with just enough ‘flair’ to make it unique. The shape, the dual bands ( with the caution sign haha ) and the room aroma make this a cigar that is sure to catch peoples attention. Add to that a consistent but balanced flavor profile and “… the excitement of a limited edition stick at a consumer-conscious price point and be readily available” — I think they nailed it. If you have tried one please let me know your thoughts, if not then I suggest grabbing a 5 pack asap!

Surrogates Skull Breaker

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