Cigar Review: Tatuaje Apocalypse

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Size: Salomon – 5 1/4″ x48/52
Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder and Filler: Nicaraguan
Strength: Full
Price: ~ $9.00 USD each ( $135 a box )

Behind The Stick:

As much as I like to give a quick synopsis of a cigar, a little background history and what have ya – I really think that the press release that Smoke Inn put out covers the entire blend to a T. I was also one of the lucky people who got the old Anarchy band, so I removed it for sake of avoiding confusion. Essentially, this is the Tatuaje Anarchy ( review here ) that has been refined, made a little shorter and generally ‘improved’. This is a pre-release review and for this I only smoked a single cigar.

“West Palm Beach, Florida – December 21, 2012 marks the conclusion of the 13th Ba’ak’tun in the Mesoamerican Long Count Calendar. It is believed that Armageddon would overtake the peoples of the world and all creation at this time. On December 14th, be prepared to smoke the last cigar you will ever have: the Tatuaje Apocalypseâ„¢.

In a continuing effort to create limited runs of premium cigars blended by the industry’s top manufacturers, Smoke Inn Cigars of South Florida proudly presents its fifth installment of their MicroBlend Series™, the Tatuaje Apocalypse™. The sequel to the highly acclaimed Tatuaje Anarchy™ released December 10, 2010, the Tatuaje Apocalypse™ is smaller in size measuring 5.25” x 48-52. Made at the My Father Factory in Esteli, Nicaragua and dawned with a dark, rich Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, the Apocalypse was guided by the vision of Pete Johnson. Johnson, along with the Garcia Family, have masterfully tweaked the original blend with such subtlety that the Apocalypse™ is highly reminiscent of the original flavor profile, yet in somewhat of a more concentrated fashion.

Packed in 15-count boxes emblazoned in a vibrant red and screened in black ink, the reversal of red and black colors can be found on the cigar label as well. With only 1300 boxes having been made, the Tatuaje Apocalypseâ„¢ will individually retail for $8.95 and boxes for $134.25. Pre-Orders will begin at midnight on Thanksgiving Day, the beginning of Black Friday. The first 333 box orders will receive a special promotion: free shipping and a free limited edition Tatuaje Apocalypseâ„¢ Cap.

The national release party will be held at Smoke Inn’s West Palm Beach location at 801 Village Blvd on Friday, December 14th. Both Pete Johnson and the Garcia Family will be in attendance. All pre-orders will ship the following Monday, December 17th 2012. Orders should arrive in time for all to enjoy before the end of the world!

Previous releases in Smoke Inn’s Microblend Series™ –The Tatuaje Anarchy™ , The Padron SI-15™ , The My Father El Hijo™ , and the Arturo Fuente Solaris™ — have received great accolades from cigar smokers all over the world. Smoke Inn proudly continues its quest to work with the world’s leading manufacturers to create limited release boutique cigars that are produced with only the highest quality premium tobaccos under the strictest supervision to guarantee the consumer a unique and exquisite experience. For more information on Smoke Inn or their MicroBlend Series™, please visit or call toll free 1-888-SMOKES-1.”


Good god this is one hell of a good looking, dark smoke! The oils on the wrapper can not be described in enough detail nor do any pictures truly do it justice. Although this cigar is evenly packed from head to foot, it feels like a frickn rock – little to no give at all anywhere though out. The head of this cigar is adorned with a wild, spiral-ish type of pigtail cap which I will say, is pretty ‘effing cool in my opinion. The head clipped easily, the foot lit without issues and I had no major issues to report throughout the entire thing. Did you seriously expect anything but perfection from Smoke Inn, Pete Johnson and the Garcia family?!


So – the press release stated that this cigar is “… masterfully tweaked the original blend with such subtlety that the Apocalypse is highly reminiscent of the original flavor profile, yet in somewhat of a more concentrated fashion.” I don’t care who you are, thats some good marking language right there. But, that being said I never really listen to the hype and what have ya.

Right from the start – this is a nice, heavy, dark cigar. Leather, coffee bordering on espresso and that fantastic black pepper heat – god damn this is nice. Cedar, chocolate and some ‘sweet spice’ mixed with the flavors I mentioned before to make a very enjoyable, slightly complex full body cigar. The end of the cigar crested the tar buildup with a strange surge of sweetness that hung over the dark wood, leather and slightly bitter finish.


The room aroma may be a bit much for other – My wife got in to my truck the day after I smoked this and she goes ‘you had one of the big stinky cigars didn’t you’. Yes – yes, I did haha! I really liked this cigar but the simple ‘nature of the beast’ buildup made the flavor profile drop a bit out of my preferred profile near the last inch of its life and so I put it down. Just under 10 bucks a pop, I think the delivery of this cigar is right at or maybe a little over the price value – I loved this cigar. In my opinion, when your creating a sequel to a successful cigar, it is nearly in the double digit price point and has that ‘limited edition’ feel you had better have one hell of a delivery to back up all the items mentioned. Well, the Tatuaje Apocalypse by Smoke Inn has one damn good delivery and I highly recommend running out and picking up at least a pair, if not more. If you have the chance to pick some up, please let me know what you thought of it!

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