Cigar Review: The Candela Series Part 2: La Flor Dominicana Double Claro

In 2012 La Flor Dominicana released a new line, the Double Claro.  Double Claro is nothing more than the proper name for the wrapper we know as candela.  The LFD Double Claro is a big departure from the very dark and usually oily wrappers we see most often on LFD cigars.  Another differentiator is that most candela cigars are seasonal or limited release, the LFD Double Claro is a full production core line product.  The Double Claro comes in three vitolas and ranges in price from $6.50 – $8.00 depending on location.

Vitolas: Three vitolas are currently available in the Double Claro line, a #42 5.5×42, #48 7×48, and the #50 5×50.

Blend: Wrapper: Ecuadorian Double Claro

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Dominican

Appearance: To say that the LFD Double Claro is green would be an understatement!  This cigar is very green, pale green.  The cigar is solid throughout, the cap is well constructed and the veins are minimal.


Pre-Light: The prelight examination showed a sweet earthy note on the wrapper of the LFD Double Claro.  The foot of the cigar gave a baked goods, sweet bread like note with a cold draw that was earthy and floral.

1st Third: The Double Claro opens up very smooth and mild, just a hint of spice is noticeable.  The primary flavors in the beginning are a bread note and some vegetal flavors, not grassy, but close.

2nd Third: As I move into the second third of the LFD Double Claro I do not notice much of a change in the profile.  The flavors do however intensify and become more defined, there is a definite increase in the depth of flavor.


Last Third: The last third of the LFD Double Claro picks up some more spice than the previous thirds.  The sweetness begins to dissipate and a wood flavor comes to the front, a distinct oak flavor.  The cigar remains smooth and mellow, just on the upper end of mild, lower end of medium in strength.

Construction: The construction on the La Flor Dominicana Double Claro was on par with what you expect from LFD.  The cigar was solid and performed great.

Burn:  There were never any issues with the burn of the Double Claro, it burned straight and even throughout.  The cigar produced ample smoke and never became hot or harsh.


Final Assessment:  The LFD Double Claro is by far one of the best and most consistent candela cigars on the market today.  This cigar has the mild notes and delicate flavors that you look for with a candela while also bringing enough strength to keep a smoker of any level interested.  This is definitly a morning cigar, perfect for that first cup of coffee.  I have no problem at all recomending this cigar as one that should be kept in the rotation.

-Brandon K.

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