Cohiba Black Robusto Crystal

The Cigar Nut

Size: 5.50 x 50
Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder and Filler: Piloto Cubano binder, Nicaraguan, Mexican and Dominican filler
Strength: Full
Price: Roughly $7.00 a piece

Cohiba Black Robusto Crystal

Behind The Stick:

Everyone has to be honest and loyal to their brand, and one of my brands is Cohiba produced in the Dominican Republic. When I first started this site, at the time I had two favorite smokes, the H. Upmann Vintage Cameroon and the Cohiba Red Dot. The Red Dot, for some reason, really seemed to call out to me, fitting a flavor profile I really enjoyed (although expensive) and this was actually one of the first videos reviews I had ever done. Check out the Cohiba Red Dot video to get a little idea of my thoughts.

Following with that notion, I was lucky enough to be gifted a boxed of the Cohiba Black Crystal Tube Robusto which I recently shared during a contest. This cigar comes from the General Cigar Company and is blended by cigar master Daniel Nunez who ensures that each leaf of Connecticut Broadleaf is left on the plant 50% longer for a much more bold and dark taste. The mixture of Dominican and Mexican tobaccos within the filler is accented by the sweeter type of sun-grown tobacco used within the binder. I wonder if this specific attention to detail will add to the already high standards that consumers and retailers have come to expect from the Dominican version of the Cohiba name.

Cohiba Black


Did someone say dark? This has got to be one of the darkest wrappers that I have ever seen (perhaps hence the name, Cohiba Black) that was not painted. These little beauties are secured within a glass tube which seems to provide a good amount of protection even through travel. Evenly packed from head to foot, this cigar has little to no give in it, even down towards the end. I would not say ‘overly packed’ but this thing sure is solid! The head clipped easily but my pet peeve ended up shining through, the band was a bit of an issue to remove – it did not damage the cigar but it seemed to ‘split in half’ as i was trying to remove it, becoming twice its original length. Again, maybe a bit too much glue on the band but it never hurt the stick, but still – no bonus.

Cohiba Black


Although these cigars are known for being a bit more linear in taste, and I do agree, I still enjoy the flavor profile these produce. Smooth and easy from the beginning, flavors of wood, black pepper and a slight hint of a spice I just cant describe all melts together in a very well balanced blend. Once the cigar had a chance to warm up a bit the wood flavor melted away to reveal a more sweet tobacco type sensation, the pepper from before re-emerging from time to time just enough to keep it interesting. Within the last 10 minutes of the stick I noticed the buildup of tar begin to turn the flavor a bit south but I was still able to enjoy 98% of this cigar.

Cohiba Black


I enjoy the Cohiba line, there is no lie in this and although I personally felt the original Cohiba Red Dot (with the cameroon wrapper) was ideal for my taste, I feel that this cigar may actually be replacing the Red Dot in my normal rotation. One appealing aspect to these Cohibas is the price, unlike many of their other cigars within the line, I feel these are priced appropriately at right around $7.00 each. Would I consider this a ‘go to’ cigar, maybe, would I consider this a daily smoke? Unfortunately I can not say I would put this into rotation as a daily smoke but I would keep this as a weekly or a few times a month.

Not often are you able to pick up a cigar and smoke it all the way through knowing exactly what to expect – Perhaps while sitting in the back yard or out with friends where you don’t want to or can not devote your full attention to the finer details or just would like a nice change of pace. I think the simplicity of the flavors matched with the overall exceptional balance and a reasonable price point really make this a cigar everyone should at least try once.

Cohiba Black

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