Complexity & Depth

For those of you who frequently read cigar reviews or descriptions, you’ll notice certain words and phrases that are used quite frequently, such as: “tooth”, “closed/unfinished/shaggy/capped foot”, “depth of flavors,” “complexity,” etc…. Today, we wanted to focus on two of these terms: Complexity and Depth.
Before we begin, I wanted to take a moment and share with you the difference between these two, (in our definition), as they often get mixed up or confused with each other.

Complexity is used to describe the frequency at which the cigar changes in flavor profile, body and/or strength. If the cigar remains consistent in flavor, body and strength throughout, then it would not be considered complex. However, if a cigar starts off very full bodied, spicy in flavor and full in strength, moves onto a fruity flavor profile with a lighter body and more medium strength then finishes with an earthy flavor profile that is full bodied and medium strength, it would be considered a very complex cigar.

Now, as for depth; depth is used to describe a particular flavor profile. For example, if I was to smoke a cigar that started off “spicy” and the spiciness was a very prominent black pepper, then there would not necessarily be a depth of flavor to the spice. However, if I were to smoke a cigar that started off “spicy,” and I was able to taste not only black pepper, but also some cinnamon, nutmeg, cayenne, etc… that all fit within the flavor profile of “spicy,” then that, to me, would be considered having a large depth of flavors.

Personally, I love enjoying a cigar that has some great complexity to it and a good depth of flavors, but some prefer their cigar to remain the same in flavor, body and strength throughout the entirety of the cigar.

What about you? Do you feel that complexity makes a cigar good? Do you use “complexity” and “depth” in a different manner when referring to cigars? Let us know what you think! We always love hearing from you!