Cuban Crafters Cameroon – Redo

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Cuban Crafters Cameroon Redo

Size: 5 1/2 x 60 (Torpedo)
Wrapper: Cameroon (Tabacalera Esteli)
Binder and Filler: Virgin Sun-grown Cuban-Seed Habano (Nicaragua)
Strength: Medium to Full
Price: Roughly $6.00

Cuban Crafters Cameroon

Behind The Stick:

If you check out my previous review of the Cuban Crafters Cameroon you’ll see a bit of the background on the cigar – but this is a redo! I reviewed this cigar December 18th, 2009 and this single has been sitting in my humidor ever since just getting ripe and ready for this. I figured this cigar would be perfect for although I thought it did well last year, it never really gave me enough of a push to smoke more. Without further hesitation, how does this beast do a year later?


Just as well constructed as I remembered with the same odd ‘lack of grit’ or tooth that I have become quite accustomed to with Cameroon wrappers. Evenly packed with just the slightest bit of give at the foot, the head is expertly crafted and even when I dropped it on accident, not even a blemish could be found. Hey hey, this is looking better already!

Cuban Crafters Cameroon


One hell of an improvement in my opinion – The flavors of wood, pepper, leather with a hint of bitterness and rounded off with a sweet, almost honey like quality just seemed to explode as I smoked this one down to the nub. Although not the most complex cigar in the world, the balance and defined flavors made it very enjoyable. Towards the end of the smoke a bit of coffee slid in and carried it out to the end with a slight tingle on the finish. Yeah, a year has helped.

Cuban Crafters Cameroon


Before I go too much further, you all know that I am a Cameroon whore and really, even if its a bad Cameroon I’ll still smoke it, but this cigar makes that decision easy. I don’t suggest you run out and buy a box of these and let them rest 12-14 months, maybe the originals I had were just a bit more fresh and needed some time to rest – whatever the case I really, really enjoyed this smoke. I did pair it with some scotch, the bite of the booze helped to amp up the smoke at times. All in all I would say go out and grab a few and toss them in the humidor – when your not sure what to smoke grab one and see how the time has treated it. If your as much of a fan of Cameroon wrappers as I am I know you wont be let down.

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