Davidoff Puro D’ Oro Magnificos

The Cigar Nut

Size: 5 1/8 x 52
Wrapper: Dominican
Binder and Filler: Dominican
Strength: Full
Price: Just under $16.00 a piece

Davidoff Puro D'oro Magnificos

Behind The Stick:

If you’ve gotten into the ‘ultra premium’ line of cigars or have ventured into (at least through a little researching) the finest of the fine, the name of Davidoff comes quickly to ones mind when speaking of cigar quality and performance. Although known for elegance and a heavy dose of luxury, Davidoff is a cigar company that has been around for years, proving that their high price coincides with a large delivery.

The new line, Puro D’ Oro or Pure Gold, is said to symbol of their heritage and roots, back in the 1940’s. Packaged in bundles of 25, the utmost care being given to the silk ribbon adorning the cigars, packaged in paper before being put into the box. Of the four sizes (Magnificos, Notables, Sublimes and Deliciosos) each contain a single golden foot band, embossed on each the name of the appropriate size. Without too much more delay, onto the review!


I mean, really, what did you expect? Of course, well made, evenly packed with just the slightest bit of give at the foot. The thing that really caught me was how well the seams of the wrapper were placed together, or how it looked like they took the cigar and ‘dipped’ it into the wrapper (if that makes sense). Ultra smooth, nice shiny and oily – this smoke, construction alone, is nearly worth the price. I was very impressed with the pigtail cap and the bright gold foot band embossed with the name of the size, to me it seemed like the perfect mix of the old with the new – what a great cigar to have resting in the top of a glass top humidor.


Directly from the start, this smoke came to prove a point. An ultra smooth, velvety – almost cream type smoke just poured out, nearly overpowering just in shear volume but well worth every second. A natural tobacco flavor was apparent but seemed to be mixed with a darker note I just could not pick out – but was highly enjoyable. After the first third or so, a semi-sweet coco flavor mixed in with the notes from before that I could not pick out (I know it sounds stupid but I got a few citrus-fruity type notes) that really kept me on my toes. Rounding the corner after the halfway point a highly enjoyable scent and flavor of leather became apparent and ran with the sweet coco flavors till the nub. Although not an overly complex cigar, the initial flavors gave way to a more light wood (cedar perhaps) flavor with a bit of a rich, earthy undertone near the end.


So what is my final impression of these said ‘best of the best’? I’d go out and pick up a few more, no doubt about it – but these would go under my ‘mid-celebration’ cigar smokes. My explanation is that I would love to smoke one of these on a pay day or on the last day of the work week as I go home but this is not a cigar I would smoke for a childs birth or working in the yard. The price is a bit higher than I would like, but the smokes deliver – consistently – which is worth its weight in D’oro. A few of the CGAR clan members have said that ‘once you start smoking the good shit, there is no turning back’ and I have to say these are great cigars and I can see why they really like them but I don’t think I’m going to break the bank and purchase a box (about $380.00) – maybe just a nice 5 pack to let rest for those ‘semi-special occasions’.

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7 Thoughts to “Davidoff Puro D’ Oro Magnificos”

  1. Hey…less reviewing and more ranting, please! I demand the ranting entertainment I so richly deserve! 🙂

    Seriously, though, I had one of these a few weeks ago and just wasn’t impressed. It was the second stick of the day, which could have thrown off my taster, so I definitely will give it another try one of these days, but I would expect anything said to have this much flavor & body to cut right through as only the second stick of the day (5th or 6th stick would be a different story!). Jury’s still out for me on this one.

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  3. Sean

    I smoked the sublime size and found it to have a little more flavor. It seems that the smaller size has more wrapper to filler ratio which gives it a richer fuller flavor. I would smoke this size in the morning with an espresso.

  4. CigarsThomas

    my favorite cigar of 2010. DMJONES only smokes conservative cigars 🙂 Try it again Dave. This is an awesome stick. The MAGNIFICOS is by far my favorite. I’ve gone through 2 boxes and mid way into my third box, as I’m sure you know from my twitpic 🙂

  5. Ryan P

    Just a smiling visitor here to share the love (:, btw great design .

  6. Orvil

    Im going nuts this evening.

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