Davidoff Puro d’Oro Notables

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Just A Taste

Size: 5 5/8″ x 46 – Corona Gorda
Wrapper: Dominican
Binder and Filler: Dominican
Strength: Full

Some may have seen it, some may have not but just under a year ago ( well, 9 months ago ) I reviewed the Puro d’Oro Magnificos , so I will do my best not to rehash the same information but give you another ‘Just A Taste’ on a different size of the Davidoff ‘Ultra Premium’ line the Puro d’Oro – Notables.

Just like all the other cigars from the Puro d’Oro line, this cigar is covered with a Dominican wrapper and shows little to no flaws throughout the entire smoke. Well constructed, not too firm and not displaying any soft spots, the triple cap clips easy and the golden foot band removed without hesitation.

The reason I decided to revisit this smoke was now that I have had a chance to smoke a dozen or so of these, the flavors I kept missing in the Magnificos were much more apparent in the Notables. At the beginning, that metallic ‘tinge’ was no longer there ( maybe near a year in the humidor helped with that ) and this cigar started in an almost Cuban like style, very grassy and floral notes mixed with a hint of earth all wrapped together by a sweet tobacco overtone. Holy shit – now I know why everyone loves these so much! Passing into the second half, the grass and floral notes definitely toned down while the black pepper that was hiding the shadows leap to the foreground – the retrohale by this time began to burn a bit too much for me – maybe with some more practice. Closing in towards the end of the cigar I was expecting the flavors to turn a bit further south and go dark or tar ridden but the exact opposite happened – the spice and pepper from before calmed down and the sweetness returned although the one negative – the smoke was very thick by this time and dried out my mouth with every puff. Nothing better than an excuse to drink some more scotch!

Short, sweet and to the point right?! I like these, I really like the Notables and I really really like the Notables with some rest to them. I would recommend buying some of the Magnificos but these? Damm, if I had the cash flow I would pop the near 400 dollar price tag for a box but alas – I will maintain my normal 5 pack purchase, but make sure I always have a few around for those ‘special times’.

Every Cigar Has A Story, Every Smoke A Memory

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  1. frank

    I think these cigars are filters cigars. Every smokers loves these so much. These picture looks really good. My uncle love all the flavor of cigars.

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