Diesel Shorty

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Diesel Shorty

Size: 4.5 x 60
Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder and Filler: Jalapa, Condega, and Esteli Regions
Strength: Roughly $5.00 a piece
Price: High Medium to Full

Behind The Stick:

This cigar is the child of not only AJ Fernandez (personally I feel he is a fantastic cigar maker who is starting to make quite the name for himself) but also TV personality Shorty Rossi (star of Pit Boss on Animal Planet). Although some feel this cigar was inspired by the NUB cigar line since it follows nearly directly with their vitola sizes – truth have it though these cigars were actually created by Shorty Rossi and AJ Fernandez in an attempt to find a daily smoke for Shorty himself – blend and vitola included.


Damn, this is a fine dark cigar! Not overly oily but still exhibiting that fantastic, well fermented appearance this cigar ‘looks’ like it will live up to the reviews of a dark, bold cigar. Well constructed and evenly filled, this large ring gauge smoke has got to have more tobacco crammed in there than some of the belicosos and churchills on the shelves. There always has to be something bad right? My pet peeve, the band – although this cigar does sport a dual band, on the three I smoked none of them had both bands remove freely. One ripped, another stuck to the cigar but none of them were ‘perfect removals’ – if that the least of the problems though, great looking cigar!


The flavor is where this cigar really shines – sure it looks great but were not smoking for the looks! Right from the start a thick, robust smoke filled with earth, leather and a touch of pepper on the finish. After this large ring gauge had a chance to warm up a bit it graciously produced this slight sweet ‘tang’ to the middle of the finish – very short but defined – I like it! Once I was at the half way points the earth and pepper seemed to back off only to be replaced by this nearly overpowering barnyard flavor, the sweetness also becoming a more defined cocoa – a cinnamon like spice rounding out the profile to be a bit more enjoyable although by this time the smoke has become pretty thick and is doing work drying out my mouth.


I enjoyed the Diesel Shorty – I didn’t love it but it was still a good smoke. I know I put price into my considerations more than others – but at 5 bucks a smoke I think this would be great for working in the garage or after a good meal but I don’t see this being a cigar I would want to put into my regular rotation. Well priced, well constructed with some pretty well defined flavors – it just didn’t hit my fancy thats all. Would I buy a box? Probably not but I would like to keep a single or a pair in my humidor for those ‘Hey I haven’t had that in a while’ type smoke.

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4 Thoughts to “Diesel Shorty”

  1. David great job my friend. I have a box of these and agree for the price you cant complain. Keep rockin brother.

  2. Jerrell Romansky

    Preach it my brother.

  3. MoBarbq

    Just now read this, after watching Shorty’s appearance today on Anderson Cooper and doing some googling! Gonna have to get some of these, especially considering AJF makes ’em. Maybe I can find a special, who knows?

  4. Very nice! I have to admit, I have picked up a couple extra since the review haha! Let me know what you think of them!

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