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Still getting used to this digging for news stuff – I have been slacking this last week and you all have definitely let me know this! My wife has been sick with the flu the past couple days and work has been intense – well – we got a bunch of the new Ipad 3’s and I was more focused on pla.. testing those – so. It is what it is I guess haha. Onto the news.

Many of you know I am from St. Louis, so any type of news that comes from my neck of the woods I feel the need to share! This one isn’t too huge, but a company by the name of Knockout Tobacconists has a product, Knockout Tobacconists TOC Only Cigars which was originally filed in March of 2010 and recently has diversified the company, which now resides in San Jose, California. Their latest addition is a listing for cigars, cigar and cigarette ash trays, cigar bags, cigar cutters, humidors, cigar and cigarette lighters not of precious metal. Another company that is putting their ‘net’ out pretty far – hopefully this means some new products on shelves soon. Anyhoo – some teasers.

Moving on, it looks like we might have a new company on the horizon, the Iconic Leaf Cigar LLC has not only filed for their company name, but also for the Draconian and the Recluse name. I was able to locate the companies contact information but since they don’t have an email attached to it, I sent a letter the old fashioned way. Hopefully I hear back from them – as soon as I find out more, I will let you all know.

Not always is the digging news about the top 10 name brands or latest and greatest – sometimes its all about keeping things the same. King Edward Diamonds fits right into this category – a very popular choice in the ‘little cigar’ market in the United Kingdom and mixed parts of Europe although it does not appear to be as well received in the United States. Regardless, the company has filed for a renewal of their iconic packaging – imagine this, it looks damn near the same!

Another ‘what if’ situation is out and about – Fuente appears to have marked another item onto their list of cigars ‘in the works’, this one going by the name Cuba USA. This is a recent filing ( last week ) but with this adding to the Forbidden Love, Forbidden Story and Opus X 5 Star – this could be a very exciting year for the Fuente company.

Speaking of ‘Cuba’ – Empresa Cubana del Tabaco a/k/a Cubatabaco – yeah, THE Cuban cigar company formed in 1962, not Habanos S.A. which was formed in 1994 – well, they are hard at work still pushing legal paperwork from April of 2007. But on what might you ask? The legal use of the word Habanos – in the United States. This movement has has activity on it even up until the middle of March of 2012, which may lead one to speculate why Cuba is trying to establish the legal use of the wording Habano and Habanos. Below is an excerpt from the legal documentation – some of it is funny because the Attorneys are not familiar with the wording and they call each other out in the paperwork, the rest of it is sad because at this time, regardless of the ‘proper definition’ it seems anything associated with Cuba is going to be a no go.

“Other examining attorneys similarly have determined that “habano” refers to Cuban cigars and have denied applications on that basis. See, e.g., (“100% Habano Maduro”), dated September 18, 2008 (“Habano Maduro can be translated to 100% ripe Cuban cigars”). (Ironically, the examining attorney denied the trademark application for “Habano Maduro” as merely descriptive, apparently because she was under the false impression that the goods in question were from Cuba, ample demonstration of the holding in Anncas that people inextricably associate Havana/Habanos with cigars from Cuba.) Because this Examining Attorney, subsequent to the most recent office action with respect to the instant application, appears to have accepted Applicant’s position that “Habanos” refers to cigars from Cuba, counsel for Applicant called the Examining Attorney on January 26, 2009.

In short, it is beyond dispute that “Habanos” is a geographical indication that refers to a cigar made in Cuba from Cuban tobacco, that the word is consistently used that way and has been for a long period of time, and that the geographical indication should be registered as a certification mark to protect one of the most famous goods/place associations in the world”

Little image from the paperwork – this being the documented proof of Cuba’s right to use the word Habanos that was requested by The United States. Again – not going to speculate a damn thing, but it is interesting.

Then to round things out for now, General Cigar – much like the other ‘big dog’ companies – have been pushing new name after new name through the legal process. This time, the name is an exception – actually, The Exception – La Escepcion. Looks like this one will Honduran ( good sleuth work on reading the image right? haha ) but aside from that, I got nothing. Waiting to hear back from General with more info as we speak. As always – a little teaser.

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