Dirty Rat by Drew Estate

The Cigar Nut

Size: 5 X 44
Shape: Corona
Wrapper: Stalk-cut Sungrown Connecticut Valley Habano
Binder: Brazilian Mata Fina
Filler: 5 tobaccos from Honduras and Nicaragua
Price: N/A

Dirty Rat

Behind the Stick:

I was lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time. I had just met Drew Estate President Steve Saka at a cigar event of all places. He was telling me about some of the various brands made by Drew Estate including the Liga Privada series that started as a cigar made for his personal enjoyment. After talking for some time I gifted a cigar to him that I wanted him to try. In return he gave me a few Liga Privada No. 9’s and the infamous Dirty Rat. I probably looked like a kid catching Santa putting presents under the Christmas tree when I saw that Dirty Rat moving my way. There was no mention of a review but since I have done a few here I had big plans for this stick. Mr. Saka explained that because this cigar uses 5 fillers in a small ring gauge it is difficult to produce. He said they might not see production but that could change in the future. Needless to say I feel very honored to have been gifted this cigar. Thank you very much to Steve Saka. If you get the chance to meet him he is a great guy.

Dirty Rat


The cigar feels great in the hand for a smaller sized cigar. The wrapper is oily, toothy, and a nice dark color. The cigar sat in my humidor for about a month and had that nice slight give and bounce back after being squeezed. Of course the big thing that stands out is the pigtail. It really adds character to the cigar and looks great.

Dirty Rat


The pre-light draw brought about flavors of cedar, spice, and sweet tobacco. Now when I say sweet tobacco do not start thinking infused tobaccos. These are not sweet or flavored. When I lit this cigar up I was immediately taken by the pepper which usually overwhelms my pallet. Not the case with this cigar though. I notice the amount of smoke I am getting from this small cigar is fantastic. The spiciness dissipates somewhat and I start getting a coffee taste that seemed to stay throughout the entire cigar. The aroma from the cigar was unique and reminded me of when I was a young boy and being around my uncle when he smoked. We shared the same birthday and he would always give me an empty cigar box which was the greatest thing in the world to me. This cigar brought back a lot of memories. This cigar kept me on my toes and guessing which makes for a great smoke. The flavor profile kept changing and giving me hints of dark chocolate, cedar, cinnamon, spice and a subtle sweet tobacco. All the while that coffee flavor was there but not always the dominating flavor. I kept a good ash going to about 2 inches and it was holding on tightly.

Dirty Rat

As I get into the final 1/3 of the cigar I notice it has gained strength and the nicotine really seems to kick in and hammer you. I would say it started off as more of a medium and that was what I expected it to finish as. This cigar packs a surprise at the end though. I had just eaten lunch before smoking and still had to lie down after I was finished. Make fun if you want but until you have one you have no idea. The draw was perfect and it burned like expected from start to finish.

Dirty Rat


I really loved this cigar and all that it offered. I want more of them and am on my knees begging for these to see production. I can’t thank Steve enough for this cigar and the honor of getting to smoke one. I want all of my friends to get the chance to experience this cigar also. Mostly I want to see your face at the end when it sneaks up and drop kicks you. This is a quality made cigar with great tobaccos and enough flavor to keep you interested to the nub. I have been hearing rumors we might see these. You all say your prayers tonight and maybe we will!

~Jacob Krell

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  1. Nice review of an exceptional cigar. They actually have to cut the leaves with scissors to acheive the correct proportions, which is what makes them so expensive to make. THere is a nice interview with Steve inthe latest Smoke Magazine.

  2. Chuck

    Nice job. I think I need to try one!!

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  4. lefty

    Looks like a scavenger hunt stick and the prize is rewarding!!

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    Excellent! it’s the word that comes in my opinion after i look at your weblog and when I read what you have to state. Your opinions are very a lot as well my own.

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