Don Lino Africa Gordito Torpedo

The Cigar Nut

Size: 4 x 58 ( Gordito )
Wrapper: Nicaraguan
Binder and Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan, Hondurian, and Cameroon
Strength: Full
Price: were $7.50 a stick, on sale for $2.50 for 12

Behind The Stick:

As some of you know the Don Lino Africa line are actually made by Miami Cigar and was started when Nestor and his son Daniel took a trip to Africa and when they returned, they had decided to create cigars that would honor the land they had just visited. The boxes were created with a little extra flair and the names of the cigars – instead of English or Spanish – was actually the native language of Maasi – each cigar representing a different animal.


This is one firm, short stogie! Evenly packed but a touch on the hard side for me, even near the foot there was little to no give when squeezing it. The dark wrapper carries a few oils, perhaps a little extra time in the humidor would have them shining a little more, but nothing I’m upset over. The head clipped clean, the draw was a little firm to begin with but near the 1/4 mark it opened up and remained that way till the nub. My pet peeve did shine through though, almost every band removal encompassed a certain degree of headache – either with ripping or being stuck to the wrapper or both.


This cigar starts off a bit dry, the flavors almost seemed muted but the wood and earth combo did come through and when the draw finally opened up, a pleasant light spice added to the mix and made for a very enjoyable start. This flavor combination held solid till a little after the 2nd third started – but then this cigar kicked into full gear. A familair but hard to describe sweetness mixed with a slightly bitter aftertaste traded places with the wood flavors, the earth came on a little strong and the body picked up just a smidge. The last third of this cigar just fell flat on its face – the dry, almost muted flavors from before came back into the foreground mixed with a bit of tar build up. I have to admit, I did not nub this one but I held on as long as I could.


This was an ‘alright smoke’ in my book – the size is catching, the band is bold and recognizable yet when it comes to the flavor department it had a solid 2nd third but the beginning and the end carried this muted, bland and almost ‘washed out’ flavor profile that I just could not get on board with. Maybe the shortness of this cigar was not working in its favor, but this was not a cigar that I would have put on my ‘must have’ list. Now – here is the catch – if you buy these in a pack of 12 they come out to about $2.50 each and at that price the negatives are a little easier to overlook. Yard-gar, gargae-gar, hanging x-mas lights-gar – you get the idea.

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