Don Lino Africa Kuro

The Cigar Nut

Size: 4 x 45 Petit Corona
Wrapper: Natural
Binder and Filler: Cameroon, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua
Strength: Full
Price: About $4.50 per stick

Don Lino Africa Kuro

Behind The Stick:

The Don Lino Africa Kuro (or Waterbuck) is one of those cigars that I ended up picking up on a whim, let them sit in the humidor and was really surprised at how good they actually are. These wonderful cigars are actually produced by Miami Cigar – Nestor and his wife Miranda created their cigar factory in Miami, Florida and although these have a been a big hit, the history of Nestor and his cigar factory has been that of miracles and dreams. I have not been able to locate too much information directly related to this line with the exception that in 2002 Nestor and his son Daniel (who currently runs the operations at Miami Cigar) took a trip to Africa and upon their return trip home, decided they should make a cigar that would honor the land they had just left.

They decided to create beautiful boxes and name each size of cigar after a different animal on the Serengeti. They also came to the conclusion that rather then using the English or Spanish names of these animals, they would actually use the native language – Maasi. The original blend was produced in 2003 and re-blended in 2004 although I was unable to find the specifics of what they changed. Legend has it that while in the blending stages of this cigar Nestor specifically requested that a single leaf of Cameroon be used – this was very surprising for at this time little to no other blends on the market included this leaf within their blend.

Don Lino Africa Kuro


Although the cigar does feel like a toothpick in my hand, I have to say that the overall impression of these really isn’t that bad. A mild amount of oil with an overall thorough packing from head to foot and an almost flawless triple cap really make this an overwhelmingly attractive cigar. The band provides a nice offset that does not make it seem chintzy but does not make the cigar ‘pop’ at you. The rollers also took a big tip and realized that a little glue goes a long way, none of the bands stuck to the tobacco!


The cigar is an ass kicker – please let there be no misunderstanding with this. The flavors are full and deep but the main rush comes from the nicotine – so – you have been warned. The cigar really did not provide a huge amount of diversity from beginning to end but rather a solid, well balanced short smoke with a kick. Mildly bitter and salty flavors of grass and earth mixed in with a nice spice or pepper sensation seemed to follow the stick from beginning to end. I must correct that statement, for the end of the cigar seemed to turn very bitter on each one, perhaps from the vitola or perhaps I was just smoking them too fast but either way I got an enjoyable 3/4 out of these. I wish there had been more complexity but taking in consideration of the size, they did a pretty good job.

Don Lino Africa Kuro


If your a little hesitant I totally understand, but the price as well as the solid performance really should entice you to pick at least one up although that will be your problem. These bad boys are sold in packages (tins) of 4 so you really can’t pick a single up and give it a shot so if you chose wrong, your stuck with 3 others. I smoked all 4 of mine, 2 of them were great (minus the burn issues) one tunneled and the last one I tossed out due to burn issues so – maybe going with 4 of them you may get 1 or 2 full if you combine them. Again, I am not saying do not purchase these because what they did provide was good but I guarantee this will not be a box purchase of mine.

Don Lino Africa Kuro

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  1. I recently came across the torpedos and find them very satisfying. Very nice review!

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