Drew Estate ~ Liga Privada ‘Flying Pig’ T-52

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Drew Estate ~ Liga Privada – ‘Flying Pig’

Wrapper: Stalk-Cut Habano
Binder and Filler: Dominican, Honduran, Nicaraguan and Brazilian Mata Fine
Strength: High Medium to Low Full
Price: Roughly $12.00 a piece

Flying Pig T-52

Behind The Stick:

As always, The Cigar Nut gives the smoke a chance to relax, every single possible review site a chance to get a review in – – then we wait a week. Well, its finally time I give the Flying Pig by Drew Estate a chance. For those who do not know what the story is, Drew Estate makes the Acid line of cigars – the infused ones (great for some, shit for others) – well they decided to start making a traditional smoke, and the Liga Privada was created. The No. 9 was a private blend (9th blend) created for Steve Saka, The Flying Pig, a four-inch by 60 ring gauge perfecto, is a limited release vitola under the original No. 9 line with a production run of only 24,000 cigars! Fun note I learned, The unique shape was chosen by Steve Saka from a picture of an 1895 cigar salesman’s size selection case. The Flying Pig also features a bit more ligero than the No. 9 yet the same Connecticut broadleaf wrapper is used.

Enough of the background, if you really want to learn more about the background and history, go to google and do some research!

Flying Pig T-52


The construction is very good, a bit firm yet displayed no defects or issues. The extremely oily wrapper gives this cigar a bit more character, adding to the abnormal shape and addition of a pigtail head. At the very beginning ( maybe first half inch or so ) I thought this cigar was plugged because the draw was only in comparison to trying to drink a thick milk shake with a straw – have to admit I got kinda pissed until it opened up – rewarding my previous endeavor with bountiful amounts of smoke.

Flying Pig T-52


From the get go, this cigar is one hell of a performer. Earth, mild wood flavors wrapped in a sweet and creamy sensation joined by a room aroma my wife even said was ‘very pleasant’ – wow, great. It took a bit for this cigar to really amp up ( might have been the poor draw early on or just the smoke warming up ) but once it got into gear, an extremely enjoyable wood and spice flavor combination just seemed to sit at the back of my tongue – not uncomfortable but a nice finish.

Going into the second third, the leather flavors appear to have left the building, the wood flavor turning into a more defined cedar, the spice from before becoming more apparent yet at the same time less intense – if that makes sense. By this point in time as well, the sweet flavor I could not put my finger on before I can clearly describe as a light cocoa ‘dryness’ – quite similar to cocoa powder that is mixed into milk. The last third is where this cigar took a turn to the dark side – quite a bit darker, the leather flavors from before back with a vengeance, overpowering all flavors except for tar and harshness.

Flying Pig T-52


Maybe I smoked this cigar too far to the nub, maybe I’m a pussy and can’t handle the tar flavors from hell – but this cigar was excellent up until the last inch of its life. It paired well with some scotch, the room aroma was nothing shy of amazing and the wife even said she enjoyed the two puffs she had. Would I purchase a box of these? With all the hype of the #9 over the T-52, I’m glad I tried this smoke and would enjoy smoking another, but with the deceitful ending – the T-52 in a box will not be in my near future although I would like to keep a single or a pair around for those ‘lets try it again’ moments.

Every Cigar Has A Story, Every Smoke A Memory

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  1. David great review and stick. I think either I read your mind or u read mine on this review lol. Hint hint either way I agree with your findings. Hope we get to skype soon my friend.

  2. JohnG

    Beautiful looking cigar. Deceitful ending or not, I have to give it a try. I like the 9 and 52. Thanks for the review David. Good information.

  3. Love these cigars! Great review dude

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