Drew Estate Natural English

The Cigar Nut

Size: 6 x 52
Wrapper: Colorado Maduro
Binder and Filler: Brazil, Cameroon, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Honduras, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Nicaragua, Syria, Turkey, and the United States
Strength: High Mild to Medium
Price: Just under $7.00 usd each or roughly $4.50 ea in box purchase

Behind The Stick:

For those in the cigar world living under a rock, Drew Estate ( best known for their ACID line of infused cigars ) has been pushing their ‘Rebirth of cigars’ slogan and I have to admit, some of the cigars they have been putting on the market recently have been damn good. The Natural series is a totally different type of cigar, the English in specific is a blend of tobaccos from 12 ( yes, twelve ) different countries, Brazil, Cameroon, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Honduras, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Nicaragua, Syria, Turkey, and the United States. As the name implies, these are ‘Natural’ cigars and although the intensity of certain flavors ( vanilla, chocolate, coffee, etc ) may lead one to think they are infused, but the fact of the matter is that same as the name, they are natural. I have only seen a handful of reviews on the web and finding detailed information on the line is like trying to pull teeth, the Drew Estate website doesn’t even list the English as part of their Natural line. Lets see if this mish-mosh of tobaccos produces something amazing or if it is more like a 3 year old making dinner.


Not the best but far from the worst. The Drew Estate Natural English has a few more soft spots ( mainly in the middle ) than I felt comfortable with but overall the cigar did not feel to be under filled. The head clipped easily and although on one I felt I had cut into it too far, the wrapper never started to unravel. The draw was all across the board, one was damn near plugged, another perfect and yet another was so open I barely had to puff to get thick plumes of smoke. My pet peeve with the band only hit on one, all the other cigars both head and foot bands removed without issue.


Like I said before, some of the flavors that you will find in the Natural English might make you stop for a second and seriously ponder if this is or is not an infused cigar. Intense and rich flavors of coffee, vanilla and cedar are apparent from the get go while the head of the cigar has this sweetness that sticks to your lips and is very noticeable even after taking a sip of your beverage and re-licking your lips. Reminded me of the Blondie or Kuba Kuba from the Acid line.

Earth, coffee, leather, vanilla, cinnamon spices and even a dash of ‘fruit’ like flavors all mix into one – surprisingly – healthy and balanced flavor profile. Some pepper spices hang on the back of your throat and the smoke takes on a creamy sensation the further you get into it. The smoke was a bit dry and although the flavors were ‘in your face’ so to speak, I think some were lost on the fact that I was taking a sip of water almost every other puff.


I am not a big fan of the flavored cigars and Drew Estate seems to be making it very well known that they are not specific to the ACID line of cigars and that they can produce some very unique, flavorful and well priced ‘real cigars’ that can create some turbulence within the cigar market. The ‘Rebirth of Cigars’ has taken that notion and ran with it – the Natural English ( in my opinion ) could have been a boasting of their abilities – they are no longer the flavored cigar company, they are no longer the 2 or 3 country tobacco company, they have their feet in many different areas and perhaps are a company to keep an eye on. With recent releases to their Liga Privada line and spin offs from that extension, I can not begin to say enough good things about the company.

The Natural English – to me it still maintained that flavored cigar soul – the wrapper was extremely sweet and certain flavors ( vanilla and intense sweetness ) that I would not normally associate as a dominant flavor were very prominent and easy to distinguish. That being said, I think the Drew Estate Natural English is ‘on the right path’ and I can not wait to see what they release down the line, but in specific to this cigar I just was not moved in such a way where I would run out and grab more than a pair at a time. If you have had a chance to give the Drew Estate Natural English a shot, let me know your thoughts!

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