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Can you believe that 2012 is almost over? I assume this would be the proper time to sit back and reflect on the positives, negatives and everything in between that we have all gone through over the past 12 months. This year has been one of those record breaking years – in my opinion – when it comes to new cigar companies, new blends and entirely new additions to portfolios. Many of the manufacturers have really embraced the online cigar community and have hosted contests, travel destinations and even donated ‘handsomely’ to many troops. One of my personal ‘favorite’ things about this year is that it seems that the smaller companies are really getting good exposure and producing exceptional cigars. No longer is the world of cigars produced by the select few ‘big’ companies – Cuban descendents and gringos alike now produce some of our favorite cigars.

The rest of December you all can look forward to some trips down the rabbit hole in respect to December 21st and the “End Of The World”, a few less talked about cigars being reviewed, some news and maybe even a rant. Not going to lie, I might end up taking the rest of this month a little slow – between work, family and friends its just hard to find the time to not only have a few cigars, but to take the time to do full write ups on them.

Some of you may have noticed some remarks on facebook how I have been looking for a few people to join The Cigar Nut and do editorials, reviews or just bullshit like I have a tendency to do – well it appears that a few people might just be joining the ranks. That will be another post unto its own – but suffice to say if we all survive the 21st of December, The Cigar Nut has big plans for 2013! One of the main reasons I am bringing people in, is as the regular readers know – I view this page as a hobby and although it is fun, I do not have the luxury of being financially independent and still have to make that 9-5 happen. I have recently started my own business as well as keeping my normal 9-5 and I did not properly adjust for the demands associated with that. So what do you get? – damn near a week without any posts!

Long story short – If anyone wants to pay me for doing this I will drop the new business but until then, I hope the rants, reviews, news and random mother fucking keep you all coming back.

~ The Nut Himself

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