EP Carrillo Short Run Dominantes

The Cigar Nut

Size: 6.25 x 60 Dominantes
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra
Binder and Filler: Dominican and Nicaragua
Strength: Medium to Medium Full
Price: Roughly $7.00 a piece

Behind The Stick:

Ernesto Perez-Carrillo is best known for the La Gloria Cubana brand from working with the General Cigar Company for roughly 9 years, although his recent departure has allowed him to create his own brand EPC Cigar Company. By doing this he has been able to involve his son Ernie and his daughter Lissette in the business, a long lasting desire of Ernesto’s. The EP Carrillo Short Run is the second release from the company, 1,500 boxes of 24 being made for each of the 3 sizes in the 2010 production although the grape vine has spoken of a higher production for 2011.


A gorgeous medium brown wrapper covers this cigar, only to be splotched in random places of different shades of light and dark brown. Nearly no veins to report, the E.P. Carrillo Short Run is packed nearly to the breaking point with tobacco – not a single soft spot although this entire cigar feels a bit like a brick. My only bitch is that although these sport a dual band, neither band removed without some cussing and mumbling on my side. No damage to the cigar but bothersome none the less.


Right from the first puff this smoke lets you know that your along for a ride. Initially I was hit with an overtone of bitter and mild natural tobacco which was uncharacteristic for many cigars I smoke but all 3 of the ones I smoked started out this way. Now granted, this only lasted for maybe 3 puffs or so but the fact remains it was what I could consider a ‘consistent false start’. I was using a S. T Dupont lighter with their fuel so I know that was not the issue and once this random taste was gone, I never experienced it in the cigar again – who knows.

Once that bridge was crossed, the cigar seemed to shake its head and get back to the point – a great sweet and spicy mix of thick and semi-creamy smoke just coating my taste buds. Giving a little time to let the cigar warm up a nice rush of wood and a spice which I can only compare to cinnamon, really started to gain its foothold, the flavors didn’t change a lot but remaining very well balanced. Pretty much after the half way mark, beginning of the last 3rd this cigar took a turn to darker flavors ( and more favorable in my opinion ) such as chocolate, leather and just a hint of coffee. The retrohale got a bit more harder to process for me at this point but I was able to nub each one without issue.


What the hell kind of a start was this? Sorry – sorry – First off, I love this cigar and if I could find a 10 pack at a reasonable price I would pick them up but – back to before – what the hell kind of a start?! If I was one of those individuals that would smoke the first inch of a cigar and pass judgment I would put this cigar in the bottom 10 I have ever smoked. That bad. The reason I say this is because when I first lit each ( granted, I only smoked 3 and not a box but still. . . ) this metallic, bitter, nasty flavor just bellowed out of the stick. Bleh.

After that initial eye watering, tongue scraping and shiver inducing flavor was done this cigar does a complete 180, producing some of the most flavorful, in depth and enjoyable flavors I’ve had out of a $7.00 cigar – ever – but even when the cigar rounds into the darker more leather and coffee flavors, hitting right on my favorite flavor profile, I couldn’t stop thinking about how bad the beginning of the smoke was. As I said before, even with the constant false start these smokes will definitely be on my radar.

Every Cigar Has A Story, Every Smoke A Memory

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3 Thoughts to “EP Carrillo Short Run Dominantes”

  1. bigmike

    Ouch, not a good start by any means. Thanks for the review.

  2. WMThorne

    I picked up a 5 pack of these from an online site back in the fall for about $5 a stick. I have been really pleased with them at that price point. But I didn’t get any of the harsh flavors either. I just looked and they have them for less than $6 a stick in a 5er now. In fact 5 5ers would be cheaper than they have the full box price and get 1 more cigar. Ha. Nice review as always.

  3. Gerald

    This web site is stunning. All infromation i need is just right here. Reached this site via “google EP Carrillo Short Run “

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