Flor de Cielo Corojo

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Size: 7 x 50
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Corojo
Binder and Filler: Nicaraguan
Strength: Mild to Medium
Price: Around $8.00 a single

Flor de Cielo Corojo

Behind The Stick:

Although I was unable to locate too much information on these smokes, I felt I just had to review these. Not a very well known cigar, the Flor de Cielo line is made by the folks at Corona Cigar Co. and they were nice enough to send me a few of these about a year ago. With all the other smokes coming and going from the humidor I just placed a few of these at the bottom and figured I’d give them a bit of time to set up their delivery. I don’t think I could explain it any better so I have included a snippet (some irrelevant parts have been removed for length) from Corona Cigars.

~”Flor de Cielo cigars are one the best cigars we have. Problem is, very few people know about this cigar and it has always been a “sleeper brand” where it is mostly smoked by staff and our hard-core cigar guys who hand out in our stores. So let me let you in on the staff’s secret cigar… I always respected the talents, integrity and experience of Paul Palmer, Arsenio Ramos and Eduardo Fernandez. These are the men behind Aganorsa, one of Nicaragua’s largest producers of Cuban-seed tobacco and the makers of Casa Fernandez, Illusione, Cruzado and JFR cigars. About three years ago, before anyone knew who these guys were, we tapped them to make a brand extension of our popular Cielo cigars.

Flor de Cielo Corojo

Aganorsa tobacco and the blends of Arsenio Ramos are very Cubanesque…and they ought to be. Arsenio spent his life in Cuba and is a highly respected tobacco agronomist and cigar blender. In fact, he has authored several text books on the subject of cigars and tobacco for the Cuban government. This was the very reason Eduardo Fernandez recruited him from Cuba to work with Aganorsa in Nicaragua.

When we blended Flor de Cielo, we created a toned down version of a Cuban cigar…lots of flavor, hints of spice and undertones of leather. There are three different wrapper choices, but all three cigars use the same filler blend.

Flor de Cielo Corojo – This Corojo ’99 is the trademark seed that Aganorsa is famous for. In fact, almost every cigar factory in Nicaragua tries to buy as much of this cover leaf as possible because it blends so well. The Corojo wrapper adds some strength and pepper to the flavor.”


I wouldn’t say this was an ‘ugly’ cigar, but by no stretch of the imagination are these the ‘Ferrari’ or “Maserati’ of the cigar world. Evenly packed throughout, only a few veins ran the length of the cigar adding a bit more ‘natural persona’ rather than being detrimental to the smoke. On two, the band stuck causing minor damage, the remainder had zero issues.


This is the whole reason I decided to review these smokes, I think they are simply awesome! From the start a nice, mildly sweet and tangy tobacco flavor begins, the typical Cuban ‘grass’ flavor being well duplicated. After the cigar had a chance to warm up (first quarter inch or so) I was pleasantly surprised with a rich, defined black pepper sensation – kind of like putting pepper on your vegetables – friggn awesome in my mind. Around the halfway point the pepper really begins to pick up steam but by this point the grassy flavors had left the scene and were replaced with a great leather type taste, the original sweetness still remaining when I licked my lips. Wrapping up the smoke, instead of turning bitter and dark, the smoke took a turn to the chocolate side, a (dry) coco type flavor became apparent, overpowering the black pepper.

Flor de Cielo Corojo


This is not going to be a go-to cigar nor will I find this in my weekly rotation, my only reason would be based upon price. These cigars, in my opinion, hit the nail on the head. I have never had one with a burn issue, only one began to unwrap on me (which could have been caused by me cutting too deep) and every one has delivered almost the same experience without issue. Yes, a pair had some serious glue overload on the band and caused irreparable damage to the wrapper – I just learned my lesson to try when its warm or put it out before it his the band haha! These smokes are on the higher end of my price range but at $40.00 for a 5 pack, I know I will keep a few around.

Flor de Cielo Corojo

I kept a single in the humidor for a little over a year and although I based this review around more fresh examples, the aged one had little to no difference in flavor – the largest benefit I found was I never had to touch the burn where as the others did need a little guidance from time to time. All in all, a great mild to medium body smoke I would recommend (in moderation) all day long.

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