General Cigars, Foundry – Wells

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Size: Wells – 6 x 50
Wrapper: H-47 Pleno Sol
Binder and Filler: ‘Mix from 4 Different Countries’
Strength: Medium
Price: ~ 8.00 a single

Behind The Stick:

I don’t know if General Cigar decided to start listening to the consumers, started feeling the income reduction or if they just got some new blood into the ‘machine’ known as General Cigars but they have really started making strides and leaps in their cigars – in my opinion at least. Recently they acquired the CAO line, have brought some old names and lines back to life and have been producing some new lines of their own. One of these new lines, the Foundry, has been created as ‘… a new boutique collection created to amplify the artistry and romanticism of premium cigars.’

Michael Giannini is the man behind the line and he was quoted saying “Innovation comes from many sources,” he continued “It is a pleasure and an honor to be able to call upon our greatest resources: the collective talent of cigar masters, our expertise in tobacco cultivation, processing and blending and the creativity of our artisan cigar rollers and box makers to bring Foundry to fruition.” What does this mean tho – well, it means that they are not releasing a lot of information about this cigar, aside from the reto-ish band that is adorned by a cog/wheel of sorts. The tobacco used has been omitted and left to ‘5 proprietary tobaccos from four different countries, each ages from three to six years” and the wrapper is being called a H-47 Pleno Sol which translated means H-47 Full Sun.

So – long story short, the blogger world doesn’t know much about these cigars aside from what General has put out through Press Releases. Personally, I kinda like the persona that these cigars carry – aside from trying to figure out what to do with the cogs from these cigars. Enough rambling, onto the damn review!


One would think that with all the cigars on the market that it would be fairly difficult to create something that stands out from the others. In all honesty – the wrapper is ‘nice’, its not stand out, its not velvety, it’s not lathered in oils – it is just a solid, nice wrapper. Evenly packed from head to foot – the only bit of resistance I found was trying to remove the cog after lighting the cigar, which I attribute to expansion caused from the heat although I could be off. Speaking of – this cog is great in theory but there is some serious weight to this thing. Not drop it and watch it fall through your floor heavy – but significant none the less. I guess all in all – the is another ‘nothing that stands out but nothing bad’ cigar from the General umbrella.


It took a little extra flame to get this one going, but being rewarded with light and mild flavors of earth, leather and a strange spice ( not black pepper, not hot pepper… ) that seemed to attack my taste buds on the sides and back of my tongue. The retro-hale definitely had some black pepper to it, but even then that ‘spice’ was resting on the back and sides – alright alright, attention is yours.

The bulk of this cigar carries a light hay, earth and sweetness all rolled up in this almost unnoticeable ‘spice’ overtone. The flavors followed the classic General profile – stage the cigar with the flavors, intensify by first ash, change ‘main flavor’ near the middle and then round it out with a slow transfer to a more dark, deep earth and leather combo. I have heard some sites claim they pulled citrus, specifically on the retro-hale, although I did not experience this sensation. Maybe I need to practice a bit more haha!


The Foundry is a nice cigar – it looks nice, it smells nice, it smokes nice and the price is nice, but at the same time there was nothing that really ‘stood out’ aside from the band and gear adorned to the cigar. I like the marketing, I like the ‘style’ they are going for but when I smoke a cigar, its the performance and the flavor that causes me to return to them. The Foundry is good enough to keep me coming back, but I don’t know if its enough to have me splurge on a full box purchase just yet. I really think General Cigars did a good job on this cigar, hell – I’d even put it up there as one of their better cigars so please, if you have not had a chance to try one yet please put it on your radar and give it a shot. I personally will be making sure to pick some of these up and put them into a regular rotation! If you have had the pleasure of trying one, please let me know what you think!

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