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The Cigar Nut and Cigar Bandits – increase throttle

For those of you who started reading the Cigar Nut over 5 years ago – I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your CONTINUED dedication to my site, my reviews and the information I put out there. I have not done an official review in over 6 months and have pretty much stopped posting my research findings on trademarks, cigar news and of course – – the rants.

Well.. now that life has finally started to settle down ( ha ) – I am going to be bringing back The Cigar Nut to its glory days. I have officially turned the corner and have been a cigar smoker for over a decade ( wow.. I suddenly feel old ) and through the love of the leaf and the friendships I have made throughout the years – I thank you and feel that I can actually start giving back to the community again. What do they say… A short pause for a good cause?

Started up a retail shop – – and although I have not even been open a full 30 days, I have already started to make a splash which I hope will turn into a real benefit for the community. Great prices, great products and customer service from a person you all know and trust.

Enough of that schpeal – you can check out the retail side for all that stuff. Long story short – thank you, check back for more and let me know what you want me to review!

Every Cigar Has A Story… Every Smoke, A Memory.

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I started The Cigar Nut back in 2009 as a way to ensure after marriage that I would have 'leverage' to keep cigars an active part of my life, it has since become so much more, thanks to our team and viewers like you. I live just under an hour west of Downtown St. Louis with my wife and daughter and soon to add a son in January. I have been smoking cigars for a little under a decade, prefer medium to full body Nicaraguan and Dominican's but have been known to enjoy a Cuban here and there.

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