Gran Habano – Habano #3

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Size: 5 x 52 ( Robusto )
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano
Binder and Filler: Costa Rica, Mexico and Nicaragua
Strength: Medium
Price: ~ $3.50 each

Behind The Stick:

I received these cigars as a gift from a reader and I promised them I would get around to reviewing them – well, about 6 months later I am finally get them done! Ha! Gran Habano, to me, has been one of those brands where if I am gifted a cigar or receive them in a trade I gladly smoke them and usually have little to no issues, but I have never really gotten that ‘Oh shit – I need to go buy a box of these bad boys, right now’. After a bit of research I actually find out that Guillermo Rico is a 3rd generation grower who originally sold tobacco to the Olive company. Okay – now I’m listening.

Taken from the Gran Habano website

“The brand consists of five blends: Blend #1, a mild but rich cigar with a Connecticut shade wrapper; Blend #3, a medium-bodied cigar in Habano wrapper; Blend #5, a peppery, full-bodied cigar in Corojo wrapper; 3 SLS, another full-bodied cigar with a shade-grown Nicaraguan wrapper and the Gran Habano Cabinet Selection, also full-bodied, with a Nicaraguan Corojo wrapper”

Alright – enough of the research and name dropping – time to see how the product responds to flame!


Nothing to rant and rave about unfortunately – cap was well placed and without flaw, evenly packed from head to foot with only the slightest bit of give at the end. The Gran Habano #3 did have a few minimal veins but they were more of an addition to the ‘look’ of the cigar rather than anything large enough for me to worry about causing an issue while smoking. Hell – even the dual bands removed without an issue. Overall a ‘nice’ cigar – nothing that would stick out in the humidor but something I wouldn’t mind presenting to a friend or colleague.


Just as soon as you remove these cigars from the cellophane they start to ebb out this amazing barnyard and coco smell – I can’t quite describe it but its like all the good parts of a wood shed mixed with a sweet sensation. Damn good though. The 1st third is a bit slow on the delivery – the first couple puffs were almost void of taste ( which really had me wondering if I got had on that last trade haha! ) – but – after a few extra puffs the leather and earth flavors crept into the foreground, a little bitter off the bat but nearly as fast as it appeared, the un-enjoyable flavors were gone.

The odd ‘sweet’ flavors from before reappeared a few times within the first half, but more as a thin coating on my lips rather than flavors within the smoke. The pepper or chili powder type spice was still apparent but calming down nicely, as if trying to transition with the leather and earth flavors. The last third gave way to the spice, damn near squashing the leather and earth flavors entirely, but thankfully within the last inch or so of the cigars life it decided to go back to the earth and barnyard flavors, the previous spice kick still ripe on my tongue.


First and foremost – I am not a huge fan of very spicy sticks, on occasion they are great but for the most part they are just a bit too intense for me. The Gran Habano #3 was a decent smoke – Not bad enough to where I would never smoke another but this is not a cigar I would put on my top 10 or ‘soon to buy’ list – simply based upon the surge of spice within. The flavors were diverse enough for me to recommend this cigar to a fan of spicy smokes, but with the caveat that it should be a yard, garage or golfing gar, not one dimensional but not overly complex.

For those of you who enjoy the spicy smoke, or hell – even if you don’t – give these a try and let me know what you think!

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