Greenore 8 Year Old

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Greenore 8 Year Old

Country: Irish Whiskey
Distillery: Cooley
Bottler: Cooley
Distillation Date: 2003
Style: Grain Whiskey
Bottling Date: Unknown
Alcohol: 40% by volume
Price: Just under $60 USD a bottle

Greenore 8 Year

Behind The Booze:

This just happens to be another spirit that has been talked about by many, loved by some yet the history and background remains a ‘mystery’ to a certain extent. Yes – this is the Greenore your thinking of – the Gold Medal winner at the International Wine and Spirits Competition. The Cooley distillery is also known for their Kilbeggan, Tryconnel and Connemara Irish whiskey so if you are a fan of those lines, be sure to give the Greenore a look as well. Personally, I had never heard of the Cooley distillery or any of their spirits prior to this review – bias out the window eeh!?


This is a very light colored whiskey – very very light in color. Honestly, when I first poured the Greenore 8 year old into my glass, I thought I had already added water I had forgotten to pour the water out of my glass after cleaning it. The whiskey had a slight cling to the glass, but similar to the light color, I’m a little let down.


Now this is the important part right?! The nose was fairly light, a little bit of the alcohol burn but it carried a light, almost organic scent to it. The taste was much of the same, except I will not this is one exceptionally smooth whiskey. Hints of vanilla, bananas and carried a sweetness that reminded me of bourbon.


I wish I could say more – but to me this was just a ‘run of the mill’ whiskey. It was a little light in color and flavor, a bit of a let down given the price point associated with it. I can see how some would like to mix this into a cocktail or replace a sip or two of rum – but to me drinking whiskey straight, maybe with an ice cube, this just did not give me the zing or the flavors I wanted for a $60 bottle of whiskey. Yes, this was a Gold Medal winner but maybe they got something I did not or maybe I just prefer a bit heavier of a whiskey but I was a little underwhelmed. If you have had the chance to give the Greenore 8 year old a taste, let me know your thoughts!

Step back, relax, and enjoy.

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