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As I have slowly been entering into the cigar world I have found quite a number of good, honest and friendly people who visit these sites and engage themselves through forums, facebook and especially twitter. One of these people I met was Jacob or @jakrell on twitter, a fellow Missourian and CODMW2 [CGAR] member (xbox360, if you don’t have it go get it) who took it upon himself to help get the name of this site out there – I gotta say that once he started I noticed a big difference, so Jacob, Thank you.

Now that the ass kissing portion is over, Here comes the real portion, not only is he a great guy he sent me a review of the 262 Paradigm and it blew me away. If you like his review, leave a comment for him and maybe we’ll just make him a regular guest reviewer.


Size: Robusto 4 X 52
Box Pressed Toro 6 X 54 (Pictured)
Torpedo 6.25 X 54
Wrapper: Brazilian
Binder: Honduran
Filler: Seco, Ligero – Nicaragua
Cubito – Cuban Seed – Columbia
Strength: Medium to Full
Price: Robusto under $7 per stick
Box Pressed and Torpedo under $9 per stick

Behind The Stick:

262 was originally going to be called Revolution Cigars but due to copyright stuff and legal mumbo jumbo they changed the name. February of 1962 is when President Kennedy signed pen to paper to put in to effect an embargo that would keep us from enjoying Cuban cigars. Of course Kennedy asked an aide to get him 1000 Cuban cigars before the embargo took effect. The aide brought Kennedy 1200 Petit H. Upmann cigars, his favorite cigar brand and size. So they decided to put the month and year together and changed their name to 262.

Jacob Krell - 262

The Paradigm is “Assembled in Honduras, this well-balanced cigar starts off with 3 fillers coming together to create a rich array of tastes. The Seco and Ligero tobaccos from the Esteli and Jalapa valleys in Nicaragua are blended with a Cubito tobacco, a Cuban-seed leaf grown in Columbia.” (Taken from I was sent 3 unbanded samples in different sizes. Robusto, Box Presses, and Torpedo. I decided to start with the torpedo which is my favorite size and shape.

The cigar construction and over all look was fantastic. You could tell it was a quality stick and not some fly by night attempt at a start up brand. I was impressed with how nice the wrapper looked and the fantastic torpedo end was done perfectly. The cigar felt nice in my hand and had that slight give that I like to see which tells me a cigar is ready to smoke. The wrapper was flawless and beautiful.

The Smoke:

Torpedo: My initial impressions were this cigar is very different from any that I have smoked. It has a very crisp and refreshing start. I could taste the hint of citrus as was described to me from one of the owners. There was no harshness or overpowering taste yet it wasn’t bland and mild. I have a hard time describing this but it is really unique start to a cigar. Just think of that freshness when biting into a really good orange.

The ash is very nice and white and solid. The wrapper burned evenly start to finish. I got a good 2 inches going and decided it was time to part ways with it to see if the wrapper burn stays even. This is usually where I will see burn issues. The ash is gone and the cigar continues to burn even. That makes me a happy smoker!

I start to notice I am feeling a little light headed. I had to open a window and get some air. I thought to myself this is odd as so far I haven’t hit anything overpowering and full in the cigar yet. The cigar gives way to subtle dark chocolate notes. You can tell the cigar is developing and changing and I like that. To me it adds some complexity and excitement to the cigar. A kind of wow factor that keeps your attention and makes you want more. Past the hints of chocolate I start getting coffee and I mean no hints or doubt about it there is coffee. I am not a huge fan of drinking coffee but I love the aroma of it. This cigar finished with a nice coffee taste and I really enjoyed it.

Jacob Krell - 262

Robusto: The robusto was once again a solid looking stick. You know how when you can kind of judge the construction quality of a cigar by the feel? These are quality made sticks and you can see that by the look and feel. The robusto opened up with some spiciness. I could not detect any citrus flavor in this stick but that could be because my pallet gets overpowered by spiciness and that seems to be all I can detect. That is not a bad thing at all. Any cigar with spiciness overpowers my pallet and is the dominating flavor I detect. This cigar seemed to have a little more kick to it than the torpedo. Overall it was very enjoyable and if you like spicy, dark chocolate, and coffee you will love this.

Box Pressed: I enjoyed the torpedo and robusto so much that I made the box press my first 2010 cigar. Once again I had a hard time detecting citrus in this size. This cigar seemed to me to hit the dark chocolate and coffee from the start and never backed down. I savored every moment smoking this cigar. Wonderful aroma, solid white ash, tons of smoke. I smoked this thing down to the nub and almost burnt my fingers and lips trying to get everything from it. It left me wanting more and I thought to myself I could smoke these everyday and never get tired or bored with them.


My overall impression of this cigar is it is a solid medium to full bodied cigar. It is not a full on kick you in the teeth full bodied cigar yet it does have some power. It has some complexity and nice changes that I think are very noticeable. That being said I think if you are a mild guy this would be the cigar to step up to the next level. If you are a medium to full guy this is your cigar. If you are a full bodied guy this is a cigar you still want to check out. Each one left me wishing I had more to share with friends. In all honesty this cigar is very different and I am excited about it being released. I have never experienced that clean, fresh, citrus taste in a cigar. I honestly wasn’t sure if my palate would pick it up but it did. Out of the 3 the torpedo was my favorite. I just loved that fresh start and the hint of citrus. All 3 were quality sticks and very enjoyable to smoke. Though they are produced from the same tobacco the different sizes offers each a unique characteristic of its own. Definitely worth giving these a try and right now you can enjoy 20% off on a box purchase. Check them out at

Jacob Krell - 262

Thanks again Jacob, an amazing review! Please, if you liked this review leave a comment and we will see if he can get a permanent spot on the site.

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  1. CigarsThomas

    great review……….CGAR clan in action.

  2. Great job Jacob! I say bring him on, I think you’ve found your review partner! I couldn’t even tell it was a guest spot, everything was formatted the same, very consistent–just how I like it!

  3. That looks like a great stick!

  4. I was fortunate enough to sample these fine cigars, and can assure you, they are the real deal. The Paradigm is one of those rare introductions that seems to have everything right. Construction, aroma, feel, smoke, flavors, anticipation. Just great cigars.

  5. Helleojagasip

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