Gurkha Empire V

The Cigar Nut

Size: 5.5 x 52
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut
Binder and Filler: Honduran, Nicaraguan and Mexican
Strength: Mild
Price: About $3.00 a piece

Behind The Stick:

Search and search as I may this cigar’s properties seem to be better hidden than the US nuke codes. A cigar retail shop online reported –
“A complex mixture of long-fillers from Honduras, Nicaragua, and Mexico mingle within a silky Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper to deliver a buttery array of cream, sweet tobacco, cedar, and white pepper. Mild to medium.” Cigars International

Now doesn’t that just sound generic? I wish I was able to get more information if nothing else but for my own records but it appears the background on these will remain locked up or just never spoken of. All I know is this is a super cheap cigar ($60 for a box of 20) and little to no one has spoken of them in the online community. If I am able to find anything out there I will amend this but until then – onto the damn review!


This is actually a really nice looking cigar. When I first read ‘Ecuadorian Connecticut’ I was thinking on great, super light brown and brittle wrapper – well although brittle the wrapper actually has this nice medium brown with almost a light reddish hue to it. Perhaps it is the copper, silver, green and black band that made the red pop – but even before I removed the cellophane I got a bit excited. I know the debate on Gurkhas – either you love em or you hate em (with a passion) but evenly packed from head to foot, cap was well placed and the band removed with any hesitation – really, so far what else can you ask for?


White pepper and a bitter natural tobacco flavor dominated this cigar. Although very smooth this was not the cigar I had anticipated. Sure the white pepper and creamy texture to the smoke came through – it did not dry out my mouth but I also did not feel it was really coating my taste buds like other ‘richer’ Connecticut wrappers. From time to time I would pick up a note or two of cedar but it was never a long lasting flavor I would set towards a specific third or even a half. Near the last inch the cigar picked up to the high mild side although the white pepper, cedar and bitter natural tobacco remained.


What the hell were you guys thinking? Gurkha, the brand that made a $750 dollar cigar came out with this piece of shit? If you can’t stand behind EVERY one of your products 100%, please do not put your name on it or don’t make it at all. This cigar was not only one dimensional (not always a bad thing) but this overtone of a bitter, natural tobacco (think cigarettes) never struck me as a good cigar. It burned, it produced smoke, I was able to puff the cigar, it didn’t fall apart and I guess for $3.00 a pop thats all you can ask for but sadly – that is all that was delivered. I would not consider this a yard gar or a working on the car gar – even at 3 bucks there are better options. I am sure some people out there will like this, and trust me there are more than enough on the shelves for you to buy but now that my 5 pack has been smoked I wont even smoke a free one.

Every Cigar Has A Story, Every Smoke A Memory

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2 Thoughts to “Gurkha Empire V”

  1. blane farias

    Gurkha has hurt their reputation a million times over,but are still selling well.I think most of the cigars I have tried by them taste very sour.

  2. Rich H

    I have given up on this brand. Every Gurkha I have smoked had some negative issue. Way too many better smokes out there.

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