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H. Upmann Royal Robusto

Each year, beginning in 2004, Habanos S.A. has released exclusives for La Casa del Habano retailers. The retailer exclusive cigars are typically limited to only one or two different cigars each year and have become limited production releases since 2011. Prior to 2011, these La Casa del Habano exclusives were simply a new vitola released in unlimited quantities. The H. Upmann Royal Robusto was the first of these releases to be limited in production as it was the 2011 La Casa del Habano exclusive. There are currently 140 La Casa del Habano retailers around the world; the first of which opened in Cancun, Mexico in 1990.

Here is some additional information about the H. Upmann Royal Robusto per the La Casa del Habano website:

“H.Upmann is one of the most historic Habanos brands. The blend of the brand, characterized by its aroma and light to medium flavour, is made with selected leaves of the best crops of the Vuelta Abajo* zone, in the Pinar del Rio* region, Cuba.

The excellence regarding the history and prestige of the brand founded in 1844, is shown in the gold medals of the H.Upmann boxes, that certify the awards obtained in no less than eleven international exhibitions during the 19th Century.

The factory size selected for this special production -Edmundo- (ring Gauge 52 x 135 mm in length) is highly appreciated by Habanos smokers, that will now have the occasion to enjoy it within the H. Upmann brand with its own features of flavour and aroma.”

5,000 boxes of 10 were released with an MSRP of $15.00 (USD).

Year of Production: 2011

Vitola: Edmundo (5-3/8×52)

Blend: Cuban Puro

h upmann royal robusto

Appearance: The H. Upmann Royal Robusto is an absolutely beautiful cigar. The somewhat toothy, fawn colored wrapper presents minor veins, a well done triple cap and the cigar gives a good amount when squeezed.

Pre Light: The H. Upmann Royal Robusto has a slightly restricting draw but nothing unusual or overly obstructing. The cold draw provides notes of hay, cedar and cream.

First Third: There is some nice complexity during the first third of the H. Upmann Royal Robusto. In the first inch or so, notes of toasted oak, grass and a mild earthy spice, (such as that of white pepper), are present. As the cigar progresses deeper into the first third, the grass fades away and vanilla enters along with subtle honey and the toasted oak becomes slightly more prominent. There is also a tannic note that fades in and out during the first third, which I’ve found in quite a few cigars from this region. The retrohale provides an interesting combination of wheat and cinnamon. The H. Upmann Royal Robusto stands at a medium body, holds a solid ash and burns flawlessly during the first third.

Second Third: The flavors found during the second third of the H. Upmann Royal Robusto are quite similar to that of a Sumatran Coffee: earth, cocoa powder, currants and more earth. The vanilla and pepper both become subdued but the toasted oak seems to be finding its way back in towards the end of the second third. The strength picks up just a bit during the second third and the draw has opened up some.

Final Third: There is a point in this cigar, right at the end of the second third and into the final third, where rich dark chocolate, coffee, honey and black pepper are all combined into a perfect unison for just a few moments. I have found this with every H. Upmann Royal Robusto that I have smoked and it is something I very much look forward to every time. Beyond that, cedar, allspice and toast are found during the final third with soft leather and walnut on the finish. The retrohale provides a heavier white pepper than what was found earlier on in the smoke along with some more, you guessed it, toasted oak. The strength picked up some more as the cigar progressed and ended at the higher end of a medium, keeping a consistent burn the whole way through.

My total smoking time for this cigar was one hour and forty two minutes.

Closing Thoughts: With great rustic flavors, wonderful complexity and impeccable construction, the H. Upmann Royal Robusto is an absolutely wonderful cigar; one which both a novice and an aficionado can enjoy alike.

h upmann royal robusto  nub


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