Happy Fathers Day from The Cigar Nut

The Cigar Nut

Happy Fathers Day From The Cigar Nut

Cigar Nut Happy Fathers Day

I hope that all of you men with children take this day, not only as a chance to spend time with your families, your children or you fathers – but it is also an excuse for YOU to indulge, to have that extra helping at dinner, a little extra bourbon in the glass or a slight nod in agreement that instead of heading in, you’ll have that second cigar.

With my wife pregnant with our first child, this holiday has a mixed – bitter sweet aspect to it. Is this my first fathers day as an actual father – or is this my last fathers day without being considered a ‘dad’. Technicalities, perspective and opinion all contribute – but I guess for the sake of argument, I am just looking forward to my baby girl, Zoe Jane, being in my arms next year – celebrating Fathers Day.

~ The Nut Himself


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