Iconic Leaf Recluse

The Cigar Nut

Size: 5 x 52
Wrapper: Brazilian Maduro
Binder and Filler: Dominican and Cameroon
Strength: Full

Behind The Stick:

Some of you may remember back on the 20th of March, 2012 I posted in my news section about the Iconic Leaf Cigar company and their recent work on the Recluse and Draconian. Well – still no word on the Draconian but Iconic Leaf was gracious enough to gift me a few Recluse cigars for this review. The press release that was put out at the end of August had reported that the cigars were going to be debuted at the 2012 IPCPR conference and although they may not have been the biggest name under that roof – everyone I have talked to says they were very impressed.

In this release, there was a quote that stuck out – “The RECLUSE cigar is comprised of the absolute finest of everything. From the seed that is sown, to the blend of the tobacco leaves that make up this masterpiece, to the painstaking fermentation”. A lot of the time you think – okay, sure, your doing the exact same thing that every other company is doing your just giving it your ‘flair’ or ‘spin’ but after doing some research on the Leyendas Cubanas factory itself it quickly became clear to me that these guys were not just some ‘gringos’ who had some connections, marketing and money to burn ( which is happening A LOT in the US market ) but that they truly were educated, passionate and enjoy what they do. But – enough rambling, onto the fucking review!


From a new company out on the market, you really expect one of two scenarios with the construction. A) The company is still learning and working out the ‘kinks’ and the issues that come up and us being the first ones to try it – end up getting the short end of the stick. B) They are going to have an insane level of quality control to ensure that the cigars that are being put out there are of the highest caliber possible. These Reculse cigars definitely fit into the later category. All the samples I received were mirror images of the other – evenly packed from head to foot, just the slightest bit of give at the end and a cap that cut like butter.


Always the important part – how does it taste? I did smoke this right when I got them so I can not say how letting these sit would alter the flavor but the flavors of dark earth, leather and a hint of nuts or almonds on the finish really got my attention. The flavors were surprisingly refined and well balanced, the 2nd and last third carrying distinct transitions that kept me interested. The 2nd third had a much more coffee and leather feel, the earth flavors from before pretty much disappearing shortly after the start. This portion was probably my favorite part of the cigar, not only because the flavors transitioned well, but that that black pepper spice we all love really shined on the retro-hale. The last third was good, but once getting beyond the band the tar build up became slightly noticeable, not making the cigar bad but moving away from my own preferred flavor profile.


The Recluse by Iconic Leaf is set to be released in October in 10 different sizes although those who were lucky enough to attend the IPCPR convention may have been able to grab a few preview sticks. I am waiting on the confirmed MSRP of the cigar, but price aside – this was an excellent cigar. The great construction, high level of consistency ( in my samples at least ) and distinct yet not overpowering flavors has made me look at the Iconic Leaf company in an extremely positive light. Without knowing the box price, I can’t say ‘go out and buy a box’ just yet but I will say that even if this cigar falls onto the ‘expensive’ side I will still recommend a pair to try out. If you have had a chance to try the Iconic Leaf Recluse, please let me know your thoughts!

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  1. Haha love the pictures of you smoking this while driving the car. Hopefully you were at a red light when you snapped pics 🙂 … I love the box press of this cigar, thats quickly becoming my go to style. Great review as always!

  2. We at Iconic Leaf Cigar remember you being the first site to notice our companies existence. I remember thinking, how did this guy find out about us so quickly??? I also noticed the steering wheel in the background of your photos. Either 1 of 2 things must be happening, you are on the run or your wife will not let you smoke in the house. Lol Whichever it is thank you for your kind words and the MSRP on that Toro is $7.80

  3. Eryn

    Simply a smiling, smoking visitor here to share the love (:, Can’t wait to try these

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