Illusione ~2~

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Illusione ~2~

Size: 5.25 X 52
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Rosado Oscuro Corojo
Binder: Nicaragaun
Filler: Nicaragaun
Price: $8 to $9 range

Illusione 2

Behind The Stick:

I picked up this Illusione ~2~ at Just For Him in Springfield, Missouri which offers a fantastic selection of Illusione Cigars. Dion Giolito says, “The concept behind illusione cigars is relative to Faith in God and our constant struggle between good and evil.” He created the brand to recreate a specific taste profile from years past before the Sandinistas took over Nicaragua. It seems that Dion has put his heart and soul right into these cigars. Every number in the illusion cigar line has a certain meaning. “~2~ And Crowned of Thorns No explanation here is really needed. 2 is the son of God doing battle against evil, the enlightened one, the soul-saver, all forgiving.” This is a cigar brand made by a man who has passion and purpose behind what he is doing. Please visit to learn more.

Illusione 2


The illusione ~2~ is a short torpedo shaped cigar. The wrappers is a light chocolate color with reddish tint, slightly rough texture, and veiny. The rough texture seems fitting with the branding and concept behind the cigars. The cigar features a superb triple cap, spicy chocolate pre-light aroma, solidly packed tobaccos, and no give when squeezed. Pre-light draw reminded me of cinnamon.

Illusione 2


Spicy, spicy, spicy! The illusione ~2~ starts off with peppery with a slightly sweet spiciness that grabs your attention. The burn was perfect, draw was just right, the smoke was plentiful, with a brilliant white ash. The spiciness seemed to pick up and peek about 2/3rds in and then slowly subsided at an even pace to the end. I experienced an array of flavors including coffee, dark chocolate, and roasted nuts. There is an underlying sweetness and a hint of cinnamon throughout. The ash appeared to be holding solid at 1 ½ inches.

Illusione 2

This is the first and only illusione Cigar I have ever smoked and it was everything I expected and more. I seriously can’t wait to try the other blends from illusione. Since these are made in small batch quantities they are sometimes hard to find. The illusione ~2~ is definitely box worthy and if you are lucky enough to find an unopened box I would recommend buying it fast. The price is fitting with what you get in this cigar. There is a story and sense of mystery or conspiracy behind these cigars. Dion created a unique brand and blended a fantastic cigar.

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    Love the Illusione line, cost is high but the product is worth it.

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