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Origin: Nicaragua
Size: 6 3/4 x 48
Wrapper: Nicaragua
Filler & Binder: Nicaragua
Body: Medium to Full
Strength: Medium to Full
Price: Roughly $7.00 a stick

Illusione 888 cigar

Behind the Stick:
First and foremost, I have to say this cigar is quickly becoming my go to stick. I originally purchased the sampler pack online and this Churchill sized, Nicaraguan Puro seemed to call out to me. I started with the ~68~ and the ~88~ slowly working my way up to this larger size and building my pallet to this brand. For once, I can say that every vitola I have tried was consistent, had no construction or burn issues and remained smooth till the end. I have had a few of these ~888~’s and have yet to have one flaw or error present itself.

Dion Giolito

This stick has gotten the nick name of the ‘Jesus Stick’ in my home for the reference to the 888 – the most symetrical number and a very powerful number at that. Most people are looking at this screen and scratching their head, but for the history buffs, bible thumpers or just the curious alike, check out the Bible Wheel and give it a thought. Take it as a grain of salt – and I highly doubt that Dion Giolito had specifically correlated a connection between the cigar and the numbers, but I’m starting to see it more and more. The more I read up on Dion, I found out he has a underlying passion for the Illuminati and being a Master Mason myself (librarian at the lodge), and being raised with Knights Templar and Scottish Rite – His numbers have a very…. odd correlation. But that is a side project, and yes Dion, I’m going to figure them all out haha!

I will say these cigars are not overly complex, but the flavors and scents they do present are of the highest caliber. The main reason this cigar has become a go to stick for myself is exactly what I previously stated – these cigars are not overly complex. I would not consider this cigar to be one dimensional by any stretch of the imagination, but it is a great stick for when I just want to sit down, mentally melt away and just enjoy my surroundings.

Granted – I do reviews and there for I need to sit down and absorb myself into a cigar (of which this cigar will definitely allow) but the flavors of earth, spice, nuts and yes – chocolate – change just often enough to keep one interested but not solely focused within the stick. I can not speak highly enough of this sensation that is presented. I attribute most of this to the fact that they pride their cigars on being made in small batches to maintain this insane quality.

Illusione Logo

Included below is the concept of Illusione Cigars taken in full:

“The concept behind Illusione Cigars was to re-create a specific taste profile from years past. Before the Sandinistas took over Nicaragua in 1979, Nicaragua was growing some of the best tobaccos in the world. The cigars made from these prized fields in the Jalapa Valley and Esteli region were strong, bold and clean. After years of neglect, these old Somoza fields have been re-cultiviated by the legendary master grower Arcenio Ramos of Cuba. Along with Fernano, Chandito and famed Cuban agronomist Jacinto, Arsenio has assembled the varitable �dream team� of tobacco production. They have re-grown these humble acres to yield their fullest potential once again. All Illusione cigars are made from first generation Corojo �99, Criollo �98 seeds, wrapped with a grade one Caf� Colorado wrapper, and finished with a traditional triple cap in the premier Raices Cubanas factory. Illusione cigars deliver a taste and a quality of smoke rarely found in today�s market. All of Illusione cigars are made in small-batch quantities to maintain quality and consistency.”

As always, the Illusione ~888~ cigar provided the utmost quality from their small batch productions. A slight oily sheen, minimal veins and no unwanted texture to the cigar. Top notch.

Lots of mellow earth and leather take the foreground while hints of spice/pepper linger on ones taste buds, a semi-long finish that requests the smoker to take another draw just as the taste leaves. More than once I found myself holding this cigar in my teeth and being struck by a flavor change, usually a coco or pepper note that then returns to normal once I’m paying more attention. The cigar finishes with a nice nut flavor in combination with the spice and leather that pairs perfectly.

Without a doubt, go purchase a few. This is not a daily smoke for myself, simply because I am not a big Churchill fan, but when I do have the extra time to sit down for a churchill – I found my go to stick – hands down.

Illusione Logo

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