J. Fuego Sangre de Toro

The Cigar Nut

Size: 4 7/8 x 49
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Colorado
Binder and Filler: Nicaraguan Corojo and Criollo
Strength: Medium
Price: Right around $6.00 a piece

Behind The Stick:

First and foremost I have to thank Jesus Fuego for sending me these pre-release samples of the Sangre De Toro – or Bulls Blood ( bitching name by the way ). I have only been able to browse a few places for the info about these cigars and was a little let down when I read on twitter that although the band carries this red lettering that perhaps someone mistook for ink, falling within the Bulls Blood name – the name is actually in reference to the wrapper. Just lie to us and say its about the blood haha!

I have been informed that these cigars should be out in April and are actually at a very reasonable price point of 5.75 to 7 bucks each. Enough with me rambling, onto the review!


This is one awesome cigar. Out of the three I was able to smoke, all three were without flaw – evenly packed from head to foot (okay I lied, one was a little soft in the middle but nothing to worry me) covered in this dark, oily leaf that in the right light gave off this red hue between dark marbled spots this cigar does nothing but scream ‘Smoke Me!’ – I have to listen. The leaf was also a bit more resilient than I was originally expecting, on my way out to the garage to smoke one I ended up dropping it (I know, I know) and although it slid across the floor the foot didn’t even get a tear! My pet peeve did come through on a pair of them though, the bulls blood must have run over into the glue, two of the three bands were utterly destroyed when I removed them.


The first thing about this cigar that really caught me off guard was right at the beginning – this sweet yet ‘unique’ spice similar to cooking spices seemed to give a base coast to my taste buds – not unpleasant but noticeable. In the background of the spice and highlighted tobacco flavor, this herbal note kept rearing its ugly head – luckily enough for me it was not a main flavor staple but this flavor combination reminded me a lot of tea ( not a fan of tea fyi ) so the 1st half was not my favorite.

As I said though, luckily these flavors were not long lasting and gave way to a much more sweet sensation, I was easily able to say ‘hey thats chocolate!’ and ‘yup, here is cedar’ and boy, did this cigar return the favor for sticking through. Just before the smoke ended its life, I was also greeted by this light earth taste, similar to dirt but much darker – mud maybe? haha. By this time the smoke is also becoming a bit more dry and liquid is needed without question.


What a damn good smoke. The beginning of each smoke really had me questioning how this cigar was going to be, infact on one of them I even debated on just putting it out early. Shame shame – stick through the ‘false start’ and you will be rewarded with a well balanced, enjoyable and semi-complex experience. I would put this cigar up there as a great to and from work smoke ( lasted right about an hour, just under ) or something I would enjoy in the garage or the yard, I would not put this in the ‘lets celebrate a baby’ or ‘I just got a huge promotion’ category but as it has been said before – not every cigar has to be a $50.00 ‘WOW’ cigar – especially when the price tag is give or take 6 bucks! I will be looking for a 5 pack to replace the samples I got asap – yes – that good.

Every Cigar Has A Story, Every Smoke A Memory

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