La Aurora 1495

The Cigar Nut

Size: 5 x 50 (Robusto)
Wrapper: Sumatra Ecuador
Binder and Filler: Corojo, Dominican, Nicaraguan, Peruvian
Strength: Medium to Full
Price: Just over $6.00 a single

La Aurora 1495

Behind The Stick:

When I first heard about this company, it was from a cigar of the month package that was sent to me by Cigars Direct, and honestly I had no idea who they were. This was my error, for not only do they produce a great line of cigars which has an amazing fan base, they are also the single oldest cigar factory in the Dominican Republic – being built in 1903 by Don Eduardo Leon Jimenes in Guazumal, near Tamboril which is actually very famous for their cigar rollers. Yeah, I still feel like an idiot.

After I crossed that bridge, I started learning about the factory and Don Eduardo himself. The family was actually dedicated to the harvesting of tobacco in the outskirts of Santiago de los Cabelleros, his father being a tobacco farmer by profession. Once the factory had been well established and things were expanding and prospering, Eduardo’s brother Herminio expressed his thoughts to move the factory from the outskirts of town to right inside the growing city of Santiago, where it exists to this day.

This company did not always have life in the easy though, during the early 1900’s (roughly 1916 to 1924) the United States Military had occupied the country and several local generals fought for power while civilians personally took to the streets. With revolution becoming a daily encounter, the company was forced to stop production multiple times but always resumed once the fighting subsided. As the years progressed, Don Eduardo’s Sisters, Maria Mercedes and Trinidad decided to join the company, finally being incorporated as E. Leon Jimenes Inc and began producing the brand we now know as La Aurora Cigars.

With the years ahead, 1930 began not only a new year – a new decade – but also as a new government run by General Rafel Trujillo who not only created a dictatorship that would last over 30 years, he also had a strangle hold upon the extremely profitable cigarette business, creating taxes and laws making it impossible for new businesses to compete – but this is exactly the business Don Eduardo wanted to get into.

The death of Don Eduardo ceased an era that he had not only envisioned but also helped to create. His brother Herminio took control of the company and for 14 years ran the business in an almost identical manner, increasing production and growing the business by leaps and bounds. Once the business was transferred to Don Fernando and Don Guillermo in the 1950’s, Don Fernando chose to dedicate himself to the planting and cultivating of the tobacco fields – always being mindful of their fathers vision; To offer a world-class cigar.

General Rafel Trujillo was killed in 1961, releasing the money making industry of tobacco production for the making of cigarettes to the civilians once again. 1963 was the year their dream had been answered, they were able to form a partnership with Phillip Morris, thus creating the world famous and highly profitable Marlboro Cigarettes. The company boasts they are producing roughly 8 million cigars a year although it counts as roughly 1% (or less) of their $600 million a year profit.

La Aurora 1495

I do apologize for the extensive write up, but with a history like theirs it was hard to exempt anything! Another big thanks goes out to Cigars Direct for sending me these fantastic cigars. Be sure to check out their site and pick some up for yourself!


A great cigar by any examination. Evenly packed from head to foot with just the slightest bit of sponginess at the foot. This is not one of the sleek and slim beauties, but rather something that has a bit more character and feeling to it. The band is done in complementary gold, beige and red, adding to the more rustic feel of this slightly toothy yet almost vein-less wrapper. They did score big points with me in regards to the band though, at about the half way point I removed the band, no tears or rips or any issues at all. Bonus.

La Aurora 1495


I just have to say, holy shit. This cigar started off like a fire work, huge amounts of black pepper that really was bordering on that fence of ‘too much’ but kept me intrigued as to what would follow this punch. At first I thought this was a mistake or an issue with the specific cigar I received, I ended up purchasing a few more but every single one started the same. Once I was into the cigar about an inch or so (first ash) it decided to calm down, now into black pepper and cinnamon flavorings – better but still not what I would consider a ‘great stick’ just yet. Once this cigar got into the last third, the flavors decided to smooth out becoming more of a mix of earth and cedar with the spicy, black pepper type taste lingering on my lips. I ended up nubbing them all, this cigar really coming into its own after the half way point.


With the price point, the history and the flavor profile I have to give this one a recommendation, if your a fan of those spicy sticks. Not that the flavors are anything similar, but rather the ‘spicy kick reminded me of a Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic, for me something that was damn overpowering to begin with but ended on a good note enticing me to give another a shot. The construction and overall appeal really go well together and perhaps while resting a bit to calm down, these will make a perfect conversation piece resting in a display humidor with its unique band. I would suggest theses for a 5 pack to try but don’t be surprised if you end up going for a 10 pack or more!

La Aurora 1495

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