La Flor Dominicana – Ligero

The La Flor Domincana was a cigar that I picked up while traveling around looking at a few of the shops in the St. Louis area. Now, since we are blessed with only 2 or 3 decent shops in the area, I took my time and looked at everything they had and ended up picking up quite a few cigars. For some reason, I don’t remember picking up this smoke, I got home and went through my bag of cigars, and as I was placing them in the humidor I thought to myself,� I don’t recognize this stick. Since this is a new cigar I had never tried (not the best idea for a review) I decided to also experiment with a new location, Bee Tree Park which is located about 15 minutes from my house, but I was not impressed, it just seemed like I was dealing with the surroundings more then enjoying the smoke. Oh well, it all goes to the viewers, if ya like it, I’ll try another outing.

Construction: The wrapper had a slight shine to it, the oils making the light mocha brown wrapper stand out against the black and red wrapper. The cigar is well made, evenly packed throughout and was finished by an almost perfect triple cap.

Pre-light:� The pre-light draw of this cigar was full of the natural tobacco flavor, slightly hinted by cedar and a slight sweet note I still cant place

Smell:� This cigar had a nice light wood sent to it, very similar to a shed.

1st Third:

The first third started off� well, nice in the medium body range with a� light wood flavor that has a sweet undertone that I just can’t put my finger on.� This portion of the cigar really didn’t dazzle me much, every now and then I would pick up a slight nut flavor, the body slowly increasing as well but this first third, although enjoyable, never really stood out. One thing I did notice was that on the first couple of retrohales (smoke through your sinuses) had an almost sour taste, nice, but still a sour note.

2nd Third:

In the second third, nuts and wood took the main stage, the smoke was also starting to build seeming to� lightly coat my taste buds. The sweet flavor that was mentioned earlier has all but left except for a slight lingering effect from the wrapper on my lips. I notice that the cigar is starting to slow down on the burn but picking up inheat, a leather flavor starting to creap through the haze. With the retrohale, the sour notes are gone and a very mild pepper sensation has filled the void.

Last Third:

The profile of the last third was my favorite, the cigar was burning a little warm even with me babying it. The main flavors of leather and a dark roasted nut completly cover your mouth, it is very easy to pick out these flavors and linger for some time. As I neared the end of this last third, I started picking out the flavors from before; Nuts, Wood, Sweet undertones.


I’ve already gone out and purchased more, highly enjoyable.

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