La Palina Ligero

The Cigar Nut

Size: 6.5 x 52 (Belicoso)
Wrapper: Ecuadorian
Binder and Filler: Costa Rica, Honduran and Nicaraguan
Strength: Medium – Medium Full
Price: Just over $20.00 a piece

La Palina Ligero

Just A Taste

I ended up rooting around through the humidor and found this beauty hiding down near the bottom and figured why the hell not. I don’t remember when I got it but it was a ‘preview’ smoke from the IPCPR in August so 5-6 months of age in the humidor. I am doing a just a taste review because although the history is rich and deserves all the attention, I only had a single to try. If your wanting to find some great info on the history of the smoke please check out The Cigar Feed – La Palina The ‘Alison’ review, as always he did an amazingly detailed and well done write up.

La Palina Ligero

Onto the meat and potatoes – The cigar came to me in a plastic tube that was just large enough to hold the smoke, maybe crush it just a small amount but hey, it didn’t have any cracks, blemishes, tares or issues that I could find so I’m not going to bitch. After I removed the cigar from its glove like tube, I was hit with a really pleasant hay and ‘barnyard’ smell mixed with a undefined cut wood smell – I’m getting excited already. Evenly packed from head to foot but a little ‘squishy’ throughout, not an alarm going off but I was a little on edge as I had expected it to have some firmness. Once lit and roughly an inch into the smoke I was met with a nice spicy kick, wood, grass and a bitter sweet taste – nothing I could really pin down but some great early complexity. The salt and pepper ash held on longer than I would have thought, the squishy syndrome just a passing concern rather than a real issue. This cigar just seemed to continue to change flavors leaving a short but crisp finish and really started to dry out my mouth. I hung in there though and drank some more scotch, only because the cigar made me! The middle portion really was the proverbial “sweet spot” for me mixed with such a great balance and depth of flavor, a nice little buzz from the ligero but nothing that would be considered overpowering. My only bitch would be that near the last inch to inch and a half the flavors really seemed to bottom out even though the cigar wasn’t even warm yet. Not the best of endings.

La Palina Ligero

All in all, this was one hell of a great smoke. $20.00 good? Well . . . maybe once in a while or maybe if I had a higher budget but 20 bucks for a daily smoke is pretty high class status in my book. This, to me, is a celebration cigar and should be smoked as such. The depth of flavor and complexities would be wasted if this were to be smoked while working in the yard or driving in the car – this truly is a cigar you need to sit down and devote your attention to. I loved this cigar, but I don’t think I am going to drop the 220 on a box of 10 anytime soon.

Every Cigar Has A Story, Every Smoke A Memory

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