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Legislative News: Healdsberg, CA Hikes Purchase Age



Monday the city of Healdsburg, CA, located in California wine countries Sonoma County, became the first city in the state to raise the legal tobacco purchase age to 21.  The new ordinance, which will go into effect in December, with a 4-1 vote even after the lone against voter, Councilman Gary Plass, warned that the city could open themselves up to lawsuits from the tobacco industry and retailers alike.  Though 18 is legally an adult and able to serve in the military and vote, they council passed the ordinance to curb underage smoking.  The ban will include e-cig products and vapor as well.  Along with the age hike, the new law will make it illegal for pharmacies to sell tobacco products, including supermarkets that have pharmacies located inside them.  Under the new ordinance, retailers will be punished under a requirement to annually purchase a license from the city of $450, the fee is said to pay for the enforcement of the new law.




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