Leon Jimenes 300 Series

The Cigar Nut

Size: 5 x 50
Wrapper: Cameroon
Binder and Filler: Dominican and Nicaraguan
Strength: Medium
Price: Just over $9.00 a pop

Leon Jimenes 300

Behind The Stick:

As story has it, the Leon Jimenes 300 Series was created to celebrate the 20th year anniversary of Leon Jimenes cigars and thus a bit more time and due diligence was added when creating this blend. The filler and binder coming from the Dominican Cibao Valley and Nicaragua while the wrapper is a specially selected African Cameroon leaf from 2001. One fun piece of information I found was that the 300 stand for the number of days ‘extra’ that these cigars sat after being rolled where as other sources say they waited roughly 300 days to package the product due to the manufacturer not being pleased with the initial packaging. Lets see if this attention to detail carries throughout this cigar!


Being the Cameroon whore that I am, I felt a bit better being able to review this, having a nice mental ‘base’ for comparison. That being said, these really do compare to some of my favorite Cameroon sticks. Although the leaf is brittle by nature, these wrappers seem to be a bit more resilient than most Cameroon wrappers. The one thing I did not like was that these wrappers seemed to have a weird yellow ‘tint’ to them – not bad but really threw me off. As always, the band removal got my heart racing – 2 of the sticks I tried were damn near ruined from too much glue sticking to the wrapper and band, where as the other 3 were fine… go figure.

Leon Jimenes 300


This is not a cigar I would consider a ‘roller coaster’ but there is definitely a ride – A sweet and spicy undertone I couldn’t quite nail down (perhaps cinnamon or brown sugar) mixed well with the woodsy, natural tobacco flavor. It takes a bit longer to get these to warm up than other Cameroons I’ve had, but good things come to those who wait. Coco, dark coffee (almost espresso like) and earth flavors seem to fight for dominance throughout the thick smoke. Continuing on these flavors simply build in richness, not so much flavor ‘changes’ but rather the intensity of those flavors – very interesting. On some I smoked beyond the band, others the wrapper was split before I could finish them – but all in all once you hit the band these are ready to be put down, turning very harsh and bitter with each one I had.

Leon Jimenes 300


These are not an overly ‘expensive’ cigar in my mind, but then again I also am partial to Cameroon wrappers. If I could do it all over again I would purchase a 5 pack rather than a 10 pack simply because although these were good, at $10.00 these are a good ‘change of pace’ but I know of a few sticks that would satisfy my taste buds without digging so far into my wallet. Well constructed with a few issues on consistency (mainly the band) these cigars have proven to me that not all blue labels are bad – perhaps not a ‘wow’ – but not bad at all. If you get a chance go out and pick up a few but as I said before, 5 is going to be my breaking point.

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  2. Gus

    Another great review! I’ll give that cigar a try ….

  3. […] Leon Jimenes 300 Series | The Cigar Nut […]

  4. Glad you enjoyed the review, to clarify further I smoked 2 so far after the review, both did amazing. Thanks again for checking out the site!

  5. Mike Bryant

    Here I sit in the Dominican Rep (my home) and finally trying a 300. If anything, the beginning was pretty non descript, but once an inch in, a really decent smoke….down to 1 inch. Smoking an Aurora BME right now for comparrison.

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