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Libation Review: Shiner 106 Chocolate Stout Birthday Beer

This year marks the 106th birthday of the Spoetzl Brewery and Shiner beer.  Every year Shiner releases a limited production beer to commemorate the occasion.  This year Shiner’s 106 Birthday Beer is the Chocolate Stout.  This beer is an American Stout that is at a 5% ABV.  According to Shiner the beer is brewed with chocolate malt and cocoa, after drinking the beer I believe it.  You can pick up the Shiner 106 in 12oz. bottles or cans for about $8 a 6pk.

Shiner 106

Nose: On the nose the Shiner Chocolate Stout has the smell of a fresh baked chocolate cake.  One whiff and you know that this beer is packed full of chocolate flavors.

Flavor: This beer at first sip makes you think you are drinking liquid chocolate.  The flavors remind me of when you get the bowl after making a batch of brownies.  After a few sips I started to notice a nice malt quality to the flavor.  The malt added that little bit of depth that this beer needed.  The finish does leave a bit of an artificial flavor feel but nothing that really takes away too much from the beer.

Final Thoughts:  This is actually a easy drinking stout, it doesn’t have the thickness of many of the usual stouts. Although it is not a very complex beer and is pretty much one flavor it is still a decent beer. The beer pours with a nice head and leaves a good lacing on the glass. This is a beer that I would recommend to anyone just getting into stouts due to its “lightness” and drinkability.

-Brandon K.


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