Liga Privada T-52

The Cigar Nut

Size: 6 x 52 (Toro)
Wrapper: Stalk Cut Habano Wrapper
Binder and Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan and Honduran – Brazillian Mata Fina binder
Strength: Full
Price: A little over $10.00 a piece

Liga Privada T-52

Behind The Stick:

For a little bit of the back story on the Drew Estates Liga Privada line check out my review of the Liga Privada No 9 as to how they came to be today. Quick reference, this cigar was released at the most recent IPCPR as the much anticipated follow up to the No 9 released earlier in the year. Drew Estates is the man behind the infused cigar line known as Acid – the No 9 and T-52 were ideas for his personal stash of cigars that then became a new release for the market, not one of their normally infused cigars. As I said before, for a further back history on the T-52 and No 9 check here. Again another big thanks to Tex Cigars who was kind enough to send me these within a care package, Please take some time to check them out but be sure to return!

Liga Privada T-52


What an amazing looking slab of tobacco. Dark yet thin veins running throughout added to the rustic appeal of the darker colored wrapper which seems to almost glisten under a table top light from the oil sitting on top. Evenly packed from head to foot (no change at all which is impressive) and the bands were easy to remove around the half way point. There is nothing that screams out to me that would indicate a flaw – but for nearly $10.00 a piece – I sure hope there isn’t a problem!

Liga Privada T-52


The flavor was not overly pronounced to begin with, tobacco and a very light wood or bitter/salty flavor which was alright but nothing to write home about. The smoke was not harsh by any stretch of the imagination but I would not consider this a ‘creamy’ type of smoke either – these cigars seemed to be sitting somewhere right in the middle which I really enjoyed. The retrohale on this one was actually tolerable which really impressed me! Nice, bold pepper seems to run throughout the stick while at the beginning the undertones of mild bitterness and earth slowly but pleasantly give way to a nut flavoring (not sure if its cashews or roasted nuts or what, but the ‘note’ was there) and then finally progressed into more of a sweeter, darker type chocolate flavoring mixed with the natural tobacco flavoring. I wish I could say more about them but I noticed on each one I took notes for they got more and more brief towards the end, must mean I really like it!


For as unknown as the Liga Privada line is and many people facing the ‘oh, this comes from the company that makes the fruity cigars’ and turning away rather than giving these a shot, they did an exceptional job. I will very readily recommend these to viewers or friends and not worry about the Drew Estates ‘name’ as a stipulation on these. They did an awesome job and truly have shown everyone they not only make good infused cigars but also create some pretty amazing full body blends.

Liga Privada T-52

These puppies are expensive in my eyes, around $250.00 for a box so I don’t see a box in my near future but a 3 to 5 pack I’d love to keep around. They are very flavorful, rich, bold and seem to burn for a while which does make then cost effective so please do not be discouraged by that fact – I can’t wait to try one after a nice steak dinner!

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  1. You know, I was eyeballing this just last night as a special treat for myself and now I’m regretting passing on it.
    Think I just found my Friday night smoke!

  2. it is an intresting cigar for me specially its made for the boss.
    very nice review and keep it up

  3. Darvin

    A few years ago I’d have to pay smonoee for this information.

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