Marco V Platinum Label Grand Reserve

Marco V Platinum Label Grand Reserve

Origin: Dominican Republic
Size: 60 X 5″
Wrapper: Brazil
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic, Nicaragua
Strength: Medium
Price: $5/each

Behind the Stick:
This cigar comes out of the Dominican Republic and all the cigars they make are of the giant 60 ring gauge. I will say though, they do pride themselves on the fact these cigars are made in small batches in an attempt to keep their consistancy and quality at the proper level – and I can vouch, they are consistent.

I was really impressed by this stick for multiple different reasons. First off, the price, at $20.00 for 4 you just can not beat the price tag, and what makes it even better is the quality and consistancy. The other things that really stood out, this is a heavy cigar – not as in color or body but rather the actual weight. Each one that I have had has been evenly rolled, easy to cut and light and draws perfect.

I have smoked a few, given a few to a local shop and all parties involved, absolutely loved this cigar. It is not one of those cigars to write home about, but enough to make sure you keep one or two in your humidor at all times. Personally I am not a big fan of the larger ring guages, it seems the flavor is usually very dull until midway or beyond and this cigar follows right in that suit. I will say though, from other large ring guages I have tried, this one I will go out and re-purchase over and over again.

The starting flavors are pretty minimal, sweet tobacco and coffee notes seem to be the main foreground while coco is easily noticed – making the transitions a little more interesting but mild. After the second half began, notes of leather and some sort of spice, pepper or cinnamon perhaps, grew in intensity but never became so much to easily tell nor did it become overpowering. Some have reported they noticed a cherry taste within, although I personally could not pull this flavor I am able to say the sweet notes were very enjoyable and not overpowering to the rest of the cigar.

When it comes down to it, this is a long smoking cigar, mine came in right around the 2 hour mark, but does nothing but satisfy. Not overpowering on the buzz, the retrohale was full of pepper but tolerable and the finish was short enough to enjoy a beer that may not perfectly compliment. I can honestly say that once my local B&M starts to carry these, you will always be able to find one in my humidor.

Every cigar has a story, every smoke a memory.

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