Monste Pascoal Robusto

The Cigar Nut

Size: 4 7/8 x 50
Wrapper: Brazilian Mata Fina
Binder and Filler: Brazilian Mata Fina and Mata Norte
Strength: Medium
Price: Just under $7.00 a pop

Behind The Stick:

As you can tell from the pictures and the name – this cigar embraces the Brazilian Mata Fina essence to the core. I find it only fitting though, the companies name is Tabacos Mata Fina USA! The website gives a bit of a background story on who the company is, certain characteristics of their company, products and releases some information pertaining to the specific cigars they offer. Almost all of their cigars are Mata Fina with the exception of just a dash of Mata Norte thrown in for good measure. If you want to learn more about the company I highly suggest taking the time to research from the source. For now – Onto the review!


This may be a weird way to describe the smoke, but when I looked at these cigars they reminded me of something that my grandfather smoked – not because of the name but because the band itself has this very classic appeal – the colors are noticeable but not in your face, the cigar is well produced but maintains the hand rolled ‘imperfections’ such as a few medium sized veins, being evenly packed but maintaining the ‘give’ near the foot as well as the triple cap was present, but not ‘directly square’. Personally I would rather a cigar with these characteristics opposed to a ‘super smooth, veinless stick’ that looks like it came out of a machine. Very happy so far!


To my surprise, right from the start the Monte Pascoal produces this thick, rich, creamy earth and coffee sensation that will just coat your taste buds, leaving a light – but noticeable – sweet syrup like taste. These are not ‘in your face’ flavors but rather more of an overtone to the natural semi-sweet Mata Fina tobacco flavor. Once into the smoke about an inch to an inch and a half, the draw opened and the coffee flavoring reduced but was quickly replaced with an intense sweet earth. This flavor combination held on for the majority of the 1st third into the beginning of the 2nd third – a few changes in intensity but mainly a very well performing, although slightly linear, start.

Once the 2nd third had a solid foothold, the earth and coffee were all but gone – a light grass took the place of the earth, the ‘sweetness’ took a little darker turn and I just couldn’t put my finger on what it was – still sweet but more caramelized than before. With each draw, the sweet sensations disappeared, slowly ebbing into memories. Just as soon as you realize your nearing the end of the cigar and start to miss the sweet sensations, the Monte Pascoal takes a turn to the spice – medium doses of cinnamon and even a light pepper sensation when retrohaling accompanied by a grass and cedar base. Definitely a cigar to nub.


Even though Monte Pascoal cigars may not be one of the most spoken of or most recognized cigars out there, I personally feel everyone should take a second look at the ‘diamond in the ruff’ that they are. Is this a Padron or Opus X? No way, but with a price point around the $7.00 range I could easily see these fitting into a regular rotation. Excellent delivery, unique yet classic design, great construction and most of all, a flavor profile to write home about! I wouldn’t jump on a box right out the chute, I can see how the flavors presented may not be directly in line with everyone’s preferred taste profile but I do recommend grabbing a pair or 5 pack and giving them a shot, you wont be disappointed!

Every Cigar Has A Story, Every Smoke A Memory

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