Montecristo Petit Edmundo

By: Eric Hewett

Size:  4.33 x 52 ring
Country of Origin:  Cuba
Strength:  Med
Price:  $7 – $8CDN

Behind The Stick:  Montecristo is arguably the most popular & recognizable Cuban cigar brand in the world today.     Originally introduced in 1935 the brand itself is 76 years old & predates the Cuban Revolution by 24 years     A rich history makes the Montecristo brand a favorite amongst many classes of cigar lovers.    Even the Terminator & current California Governor himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is rumored to have a deep affection for the Montecristo #2’s.      No wonder California’s budget is blown to bits, the Guvna has expensive tastes!

The Montecristo Petit Edmundo was released in 2007 and is the shorter brother of the Montecristo Edmundo (5.25 x 52 ring, released 2004) which was christened in honor of the hero Edmond Dantes in Alexandre Dumas’s 1844 adventure novel “The Count of Monte Cristo”.     I know you are dying to hear more about the dashing hero Dantes & his quest for revenge and redemption but alas, I have another story to tell.     One of a short, fat Cuban named Petit Edmund……..say hello to my little friend!!!!!

Construction:  The Montecristo Petit Edmundo is a very attractive specimen for such a stout fellow.    The milk chocolate brown wrapper is near flawless with thin veins and a velvety smooth feeling to the touch.     The triple cap isn’t perfect but it is charming rather than sloppy.    The classic Montecristo band is understated with thin white lettering on a brown background.    It’s a classy look that perhaps more cigar makers should consider……hmmm….less time and money on a flashy band & more time and energy on the cigar itself.

Flavor:  The Petit Edmundo has one of the better pre-light aromas I have encountered.    It’s a sweet herbal, hay, barnyard, cubanesque aroma that I am certain I could pick out of a blind sniff test atleast 4 out of 5 tries.      The clip of the head is smooth with a double bladed cutter & the cold draw has a slightly sweet graham cracker/dried dates thing going on.       The foot takes fire and blazes to life very nicely and evenly with a single wooden match.    It doesn’t take long for the Petit Edmundo to set the tone right out of the gate.    Smooth & balanced is the order of the day for this gentleman.    A slightly sweet wood and coffee bean beginning is accompanied by a light spice that makes me think nutmeg…..maybe even light ginger…..very light.     By the midpoint a wonderful nut & bread profile step in and carry the show right until I remove the band and work on the last third.    The last third tends to heat up if you aren’t patient, so give Petit Edmund some rest near the end.    You will be rewarded with a favorable finish that culminates with a cream and light herbal combination that leaves a clean feeling on the palate.

The burn is nice and sharp and non of the five samples I smoked required any help.    The draw on each sample was good but that did not surprise me considering the girth of this particular vitola.    Plenty of smoke on each draw made flavors easy to sample but as I mentioned earlier, the Petit Edmudo will get hot if you refuse to take your time.    Why rush you might ask?    Sometimes even the most disciplined cigar nut can be tempted to overwork this Cuban when the flavors start to dance.

Overall: What a great smoke!    The shortened profile provides all of the flavor you could ask for without cutting too much time out of your day.    You won’t need more than 40 or 50 minutes to enjoy this guy.    As Cuban cigars go the Petit Edmundo is reasonably priced and it offers a great flavor experience from start to finish if you are willing to rest between mouthfuls of tasty smoke.

The Montecristo Petit Edmundo is a good addition to any humidor at $7 CDN per stick.     Go ahead and treat yourself to a fantastic short Cuban with a world class pedigree.      You can even afford to make them part of your regular rotation without liquidating the kids college fund.

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