Murcielago Belicoso

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Murcielago Belicoso

Size: 5 1/2 x 52 box press
Wrapper: Mexican San Andreas Maduro
Binder and Filler: Mexico, Nicaragua
Strength: Upper Medium to Full
Price: Just over $9.00 a single

Behind The Stick:

Can you believe it, another cigar by Don Pepin Garcia, this time with the backing of Eddie Ortega & Erik Espinosa! This is another review that I meant to complete months ago, but as things go – I’m slacking. If you have not been able to guess by the cigar band or by the other reviews out there, Murcielago means ‘Bat’ in spanish – some speculate as well that the darkness of the creature coincide with extremely dark maduro wrapper.


Great looking smoke – a bit flat on each side but the box-pressed appearance comes through without fail. The edges are well made as well – well packed with no signs of pressure issues or cracks or anything that would make this smoke perform anything but perfect. This extra dark, semi oily wrapper also carries a bit of character to it – I would not call it splotchy but the small range of different colors lets you know that one, this wrapper was not painted and two, this should be one hell of a fine smoke!


If there ever was a desert cigar, this is the one to fill that spot. From the start I was presented with chocolate, leather, a touch of ‘wood’ (cedar?) and just the slightest amount of spice, I don’t know exactly how to explain it but the sweet, salty and spicy elements coated my tongue, all be it also drying out my mouth, and left a very long finish. A certain thickness, maybe ‘creamy’ would be the best word to describe the smoke – It was not overbearing but the smoke itself seemed to have a bit more . . . oomph to it. The second third gave a slight transition into a sweeter, more creamy smoke which also forced the wood flavor from before right out of the picture which was quickly replaced by the coco flavor from before, just turned up a few notches.

I don’t know if the cigar just couldn’t make up its mind or if it was secretly reading my request for more of that cedar flavor – but it sure did deliver. Switching from this sweeter, more creamy sensation the cigar took an abrupt left turn and delivered chocolate, cedar and espresso with a hint of that original spice. What a ride.


I have to admit – this was not a cigar that was originally high on my ‘to smoke’ list, it was partly because I heard the hype (hate hearing hype about a cigar), knew who made the cigars (figured it was ‘another project’ cigar) and when I went to my local B&M it was not on the shelf. Well now, I’ve already purchased a 5 pack – they are that good. If your looking for a great after dinner smoke that you can devote some attention to picking out the fine details, this is going to be an excellent bang for you buck. Under $10.00 a stick these may not fit into your daily smoke category, but I could easily see this falling into a weekly rotation. Go out and pick one up for yourself and let us know what you think!

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2 Thoughts to “Murcielago Belicoso”

  1. general_griff

    Hey Dave nice review. Still haven’t smoked the one u so kindly sent me. Look forward to it

  2. I have enjoyed these cigars quite a bit. I’m a fan of the San Andreas Maduro wrapper, which works very well on this cigar. Actually on of the few Pepin Garcia made cigars I’ve had the oportunity to smoke, belive it or not. I’ve walked through his fields, but haven’t smoked many of his cigars! I’ll have to work on that….

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