My Father Le Bijou 1922

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Size: 4.5 x 50 (Petit Robusto)
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano Oscuro
Binder and Filler: Nicaragua
Strength: Full
Price: Just over $7.00 a piece (in a 5 pack)

My Father Le Bijou 1922

Behind The Stick:

This stick is the creation of one of the soon to be cigar masters of our time, the son of the great Don Pepin Garcia, Jamie Garcia himself. Perhaps it was his childs imagination, ambition or simply the blood line gift but through many turns and events in life his son was able to create this cigar in honor of many of our favorite manufacturers name, his father. Using the term Le Bijou across the band meaning in French ‘The Jewel’ which I can only assume is an honored name within their family. He also added the year 1922 to the bottom band commemorating his fathers birth in, of course, 1922. For some who know about tobacco (I’m still learning, I had to research) the Golden Hair tobacco or Pelo de Oro has been known for being a very difficult plant to produce at all, yet alone in large numbers which is due to their high susceptibility to disease. By no stretch of the imagination, this is not an impossible feat to undertake for we see the Garcia family ahead of the pack with flying colors, but at the same time, to be produced in the quantity that they were as well as keeping some of the highest levels of quality and consistency, Jamie is really making a huge step forward in his tobacco career and I can not wait to see what he will create in the next few years to come.


I am not sure if it is something that Don Pepin Garcia has instilled into his son, but this is yet again another cigar to come from their factory that has been created with near flawless quality. Evenly packed from head to foot with a surprisingly dark, slightly oily wrapper adorned by a set of dual bands with subtle peach and gold color causing the wrapper to pop and appear even darker than it normally is. This cigar really does scream ‘Smoke Me!’

My one complaint would be that most of my 5 pack seemed to be almost over packed, not as in bulges or blemishes but the stick itself just seemed to be very solid with little to no give except near the foot. Even with this concern of mine, I only had one stick that had even a minor burn issue which corrected itself and I blame that on myself during the lighting process.


The flavor profile within the Le Bijou was nice… not exceptional, but nice. Bitter and sweet flavors with a mild-mild spice slowly starts off the stick reminding me of earth or dirt mixed with mild spices. This wasn’t a bad flavor combination but as the stick began to warm up I noticed the cigar smoke was absorbing the moisture in my mouth and I went through a bit more water with each stick than I would consider normal. Again, this was not a bad factor for I could see this going very nice with a dark or slightly spicy beer and would easily cause one to enjoy both a bit more.

Once the cigar had a chance to warm up the spice from before seemed to step up a notch, reminding me more of what a Don Pepin stick is all about. The natural tobacco flavor began to shine as well, the bitter notes from before also deciding to leave my palate but were replaced with a mildly sweet and salty flavor that was refreshed each time I licked my lips. These sticks are fairly new to the shops (IPCPR I believe was their big debut) and mine have been sitting for only 2 months or so. I will return later for another review once I am able to let a few sit for 6 months or so.


I was able to get this smoke from Corona Cigar Co in a 5 pack and I will admit although a great smoke, I think a 5 pack is more than sufficient, I could not see myself smoking these as my daily go to stick. The rich and full flavors as well as a good hour to an hour and a half burn with little to no issues makes this stick very appealing even to the beginner smoker. I will try to keep some in the humidor but as I said before, this was a stick I enjoyed smoking but not one I am going to put pennies aside so I can save for a box purchase.

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