Nestor Miranda 20th Anniversary

The Cigar Nut

Size: 7 x 56
Wrapper: Habano Rosado
Binder and Filler: Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Honduras
Strength: Medium
Price: Give or take $10.00

Behind The Smoke:

The Nestor Miranda 20th Anniversary is the product of yet another collaboration within the business – Don Pepin Garcia of Tabacalera Garcia and Nestor Miranda of Miami Cigar came together to produce a very specific and rare blend. I think it was in April-ish of 2009 that these cigars were announced to be released to the market even though ‘National Nestor Miranda Day’ was June 12th. A fun bit of information, there were only 1000 boxes of Habano Rosado and Habano Oscuro produced. I was able to convince a B&M to let me buy a pair and mail me them – well they have been sitting in my humidor for over 10 months just screaming to be smoked.


Although containing a Cuban style pigtail cap, both had an issue with the tail breaking off during normal placement inside the humidor – both at the same time… It could be a fluke, hell I could have been way too rough with them but I’ve never had the tail come off on any cigar no matter how poorly I handled them. Other then that these things were flawless – perfectly packed with just the slightest bit of give at the end, seamless application of the wrapper, little to no veins – as I said overall very well constructed. As always I have to check my pet peeve – the band – in this situation one removed flawlessly the second needed a little work but other than a little tear on the inside of the band it was fine.


Here comes the Don Pepin pepper punch. I was surprised to experience the pepper sensation a bit longer than some of his other blends – not that it was good or bad but when it finally decided to calm down my taste buds and I both thanked the tobacco gods. After the first inch and a half of tobacco and pepper the overpowering sensation gave way to a more balanced and complex set of flavors that also increased in a more ‘creamy’ thick type smoke – wood, some sweetness perhaps honey or something similar and a bit of a bread like after taste, pretty strange to me but enjoyable. Speaking of finish – this cigar has a heavy but crisp finish meaning the flavors are apparent and lingered but instead of slowly fading away it was a very abrupt and crisp transition which only made me want to take another puff. Rounding the cigar out and into the last portion it really fell into my personal flavor profile – a darker wood type flavor was joined with a hint of leather and a smidge of earth that just seemed to play off one another. At the end the overpowering pepper started to come back giving me fair warning it was time to sacrifice the Nestor Miranda 20th Anniversary to the ashtray. Simply fantastic.


This is one big cigar and to be honest outside of my personal comfort zone. I am a robusto guy myself so the longer and larger gauge took a bit of getting used to – but the main point – this cigar delivers. Well constructed, good burn, great blend and a reasonable price. The Nestor Miranda 20th Anniversary Habano Rosado is the medium body version and went great while I was working on the computer and drinking some scotch but it did not give me that ‘Holy shit’ factor that would make me want this smoke as a special occasion or celebration cigar. For around 10 bucks a pop and the fact of the limited number that were produced I do think these would be a great addition to almost any humidor.

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