Nub Maduro

Nub Maduro

Origin: Nicaragua
Size: 4 x 60
Wrapper: Brazilian Maduro
Filler & Binder: Nicaragua
Body: Medium to Full
Strength: Medium to Full
Price: Roughly $5.00

Behind The Brand:
Nub – A name that almost every cigar smoker has heard of and hopefully has tried. A Nub cigar was one of the first few cigars I ever had, and I constantly find myself going back to them a few times a month. Sam Leccia who is the brain behind this brand has brought his own style, thoughts and even remolded a certain portion of cigar history. Before we get into the stick one may be asking, how did this huge ring gauge get onto the market. Once he was working with Oliva and getting more and more into the cigar world, he found a way to create a cigar that captured the ‘sweet spot’ that so many of use refer to when we name our favorite cigars. He was able to accomplish this by creating a larger ring gauge and using premium wrappers and Nicaraguan binders and fillers.

Sam Leccia

From what I have heard – and Sam if you read please correct me if I’m wrong – He was a state manager for Jack Daniels and sold to the distributors for a few years and then moved to be a regional sales rep for Oliva. While working with Oliva he pushed his new creation and after some discussion the thought became reality. One of Sam’s said favorite is his Cameroon wrapper which is a Nine year old wrapper (not often published) which creates a very unique flavor. The Habano line is also special in that it uses the same wrapper as the Oliva Serie v (one of my personal favorites) and has received very high recognition and respect.

Fun notes that I have heard about Sam is that he actually started rolling cigars while he was working with Oliva, but he rolled them in his garage. He also included two very important components to the boxes that other companies do not include, his personal smoke time and the Milipounds of the cigars. He has commented more then once, and I do agree, that these cigars at 4 inches are heavier than most churchill cigars and has thus included this figure as a reference.

This cigar actually was sent to me from Sam along with a Cain Habano for review. I had purchased a few prior to this and can say that just like his other cigars, always follow through in almost the exact same way. Minor burn issues, good price and great flavor – all perfect reasons to keep purchasing these gems!


As with all the cigars in the Nub line, I have never had one that made me worry about construction. Of course, the foot of the cigar is more spongy than the rest of the stick but it rebounded without hesitation and raised no call to alarm. Mild amount of veins but again – no worries on my side.

Nub Maduro

The flavors were very well defined and very enjoyable to begin with, but as many other reviews have noted as well that towards the end the flavor begins to get more ashy. Earth was the main flavor, while a nice creamy leather and coco mix entered the lineup. I highly enjoyed the first 2/3 of this cigar and would definitely recommend this as a mid day smoke – maybe even an after lunch stick. This is not what I would consider a wow stick, but it kept me interested enough to ‘Nub’ it out and go to the shop and pick up another pair.

I don’t normally include any outside video – but this is just a fun little blurp I found on with sam rolling a customer Nub cigar. All I have to say, look at that skill – My jaw drops every time I watch it.

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  1. Good writeup Dave! I have nothing but love for Sam and Oliva, but this cigar really did nothing for me. It was just too ashy for my liking.

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