Padilla – 1948

The Cigar Nut

Size: 5 x 50 (Robusto)
Wrapper: Corojo
Binder and Filler: Nicaraguan Criollo
Strength: Medium
Price: Just over $7.00 a single

Padilla 1948

Behind The Stick:

For many of the viewers you know that I enjoy the history of the companies and the people who make cigars almost as much as I enjoy their products. The creator of this cigar, Ernesto Padilla, has one of the greatest stories that I have heard, not only from his parents but his personal journey as well. Please take a minute or two and peruse through an older review, the Padilla Golden Bear which has a bit more detail into the history of the Padilla family.

The 1948 is another tribute from Ernesto to his father, Herberto Padilla, for 1948 is the year that his famous poet father released his first book – Las Rosas Audaces. The ones that I was able to smoke were written on the bottom portion of the band in red lettering with ‘Batch number 07 7320’ – now I have no idea what this means and maybe it is irrelevant but perhaps 07 for the year it was produced and then the actual ‘batch’ it was from – who knows. I have attempted to gain an answer to this question but at this time, I am still clueless so please, if you know the answer let me know!

Padilla 1968


Padilla did not do their best on these, or perhaps my 5-pack slipped past the guard. Every single one seemed to have an overly brittle wrapper (more than what I would expect from Corojo) so naturally from the get go I kind of scoffed this one off. The photo is of the best looking one, and even at that I had to turn it so a larger blemish was covered. These cigars are well packed although there were a few ‘uneven’ spots – I make this specific distinction because it was not an overly soft or overly hard patch but a mix of the two and I really don’t know how to describe it. As I said before, these were not the best to come out of their factory. On an up-note, the dual layer anti-counterfit band pulled away without an issue and did no damage to the wrapper.


Even with the construction issues that has been presented before, I lit up the cigar and was pleasantly surprised by the depth and flavor this cigar produced. The beginning had the nice Don Pepin Garcia ‘pepper’ feel although it did lack the punch one may expect. I found it to be just enough, a token rather than a demonstration. A sweetness also built over the mild tobacco flavor that although as delicious as it was, I just could not pin it down, but perhaps a mild chocolate or coco flavor. As the cigar progressed and began to warm up the original spicy pepper sensation relaxed allowing a more woody, sweet hay type flavor to seep through all the way to the nub. I would not put this as an overly complex or ‘wow’ flavor profile but it was very tasty and did keep me interested through to the end.

Padilla 1948


After having these ugly, brittle looking smokes sitting in my humidor for a month or so, I just couldn’t take it any longer and figured if they delivered how they looked then I could just write up a quick don’t buy and move on. Yeah – then I decided to smoke them and just about ‘wow’. I was really turned off at the beginning with how poor the construction on each one appeared, but once I smoked the first one I almost smoked them back to back! The price is right also, at just over $7.00 a piece its up their on the scale of what I would consider a reasonable delivery for price. Again – my main issue was with the physical construction, especially the wrapper. I will try to find out if I just got a bad ‘batch’ or if this is just nature of the beast. I would recommend these as a 5 pack special or even a half box split with someone, but due to the higher price point I would hold off on a full box at this time.

Padilla 1948

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