Padilla Dominus

The Cigar Nut

Size: 5 x 50 (Robusto)
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Cuban-seed Corojo 06
Binder and Filler: Nicaraguan
Strength: Medium Full to Full
Price: Just under $10.00 a pop

Behind the Stick:

Ohh Padilla – how I love your cigars. Those of who read the site often will know that the Padilla company – aside from a rich history – creates some of my favorite cigars. After hearing a lot of people on twitter and facebook talk about smoking the Dominus, I felt almost left out being that I had barley ever heard of one, yet alone been lucky enough to try. After looking at the logo and talking with Ernesto Padilla on twitter I may be getting a tattoo (or slight variation) of the Dominus logo. I got this single from one of the viewers in a random bomb that was sent to the house – I am still looking for your identity so be ware! I wish I had more information on the Padilla Dominus in specific, but all I could find was a listing of their sizes and prices (4 x 44 on up to a 6 x 52 with a $200 – $265 price tag) so – without dragging this out!

p.s. pardon the pictures – I smoked them all before I took pictures… whoops


What a great looking smoke – a dark brown wrapper envelops the tobacco, when taken outside the red tint to the leaf just pops giving this smoke a very distinctive look. Just like Padilla does with most their cigars, this one has been packed to the brim – although evenly done you can tell there is a serious amount of leaf inside. Now, as much as I like Padilla I think some of the employees who put the bands on must be doing it without thumbs – each and every one has some sort (some minor, some major – but always..) an issue with band removal. Oh well right – minor issue that doesn’t truly effect the smoke.


Speecy – Spicy! Damn – this son of a bitch comes at ya hard right out the gate. Although a bit more intense than I was originally expecting (smoked it after lunch) once I took a step back and started it again a bit slower the flavor really started to grow on me. I don’t know if it was because the finish was so short that I wanted to get a real ‘taste’ or if it was just that enjoyable, but either way the first third seemed to go by incredibly fast. Spices, light wood notes and even a minor ‘sweetness’ – not honey or candy but more like a light drizzling of sugar or caramel – okay okay, every now and then a sports car backfires when it starts. The smoke itself started to pick up a bit of density towards the middle portion, although impressive the smoke did wonders in getting my mouth to dry out – be sure to have a beer or two in close reach! By the last third a very enjoyable coffee and wood note filled every taste bud – The second half by far better than the first.


This one really falls into that ‘personal judgment’ category – the reason I say that is because I really enjoyed the second half but the first 1/3 was just crap in my opinion. The onslaught of spice – I could see a small group of smokers who would go nuts for that (the Pepin Cuban Classic crew comes to mind) but it just was not my cup of tea. Now – if I could just cut off that first portion, the second and last thirds were excellent! The spice calmed down, the other flavors picked up and it was a pretty well balanced and enjoyable cigar. My main stipulation, the price seems to be a bit high. The Padilla Dominus is not linear but at nearly $10.00 a pop I was expecting a bit more complexity without the ‘backfire’ at the beginning. Even with that bullshit start I’d still cough up the $200.00 or so for a box of 24. Give it a shot – who knows, maybe they will be your ‘wow’ stick!

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  1. David I always enjoy your reviews my friend. I really like Ernesto cigars as well. Well written informative review. Keep up the great work.

  2. Thanks buddy! I think he just creates cigars that fall right into my flavor preferences. Can’t go wrong there! : )

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