Padilla Habano

The Cigar Nut

Size: 6 x 52 (Torpedo)
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano
Binder and Filler: Nicaraguan
Strength: Medium
Price: Just over $5.00 a piece

Padilla Habano

Behind The Stick:

When I first heard about Padilla cigars it was through twitter and it was watching Ernesto during a few of his nights out on the town. Once I raised the name many people started telling me about his cigar line which caused me to do a little research – Please check out the Padilla Golden Bear for a bit more background, but all I have to say is wow. Specifically on this cigar, it sports an all Cuban-seed Nicaraguan long leaf and binder tobacco wrapped with a 5 year old Nicaraguan Habano leaf. This cigar is much like their others in the respect of the superior construction and attention to detail, I can’t wait to smoke this one!


Just as all of Padillas cigars, these have been crafted by a master in their own time. Expertly packed from head to foot, this stick shows no signs of soft or hard spots throughout. The wrapper contained minimal veins and nothing really seemed to stand out one way or the other. I wish I could say more about the construction mainly because it was not bad in anyway, but I just can’t pick out any ‘exceptional’ attributes – Overall a well made cigar.


The flavors really are not as complex (for me) as the advertising goes, but what it lacks in complexity it really does pick up in overall flavor and delivery. The smoke was a bit dry, not overpowering but enough for me to make a few notes on it. Light leather and tobacco flavors, a hint of bitter and salt, mix together as the cigar slowly warms up within the first third. The second third seemed to be when the cigar ‘got off the floor’ and got into action – leather, wood and a slight chocolate flavor seeped through just over the dominant tobacco flavor, mixing slowly and very well together. When the cigar finished, a slight peppery sensation joined the wood and chocolate flavor through to the end.


At a price point I think we all can agree with (just over $5.00 a piece) and a delivery that remains top notch as one would expect from Padilla, I have to recommend this cigar. The flavors were not nearly as complex as some of the other cigars on the market but you gotta go out and pick a few of these up. These have not yet joined the ‘box purchase list’ although I have already purchased a 5 pack and plan on keeping 2 for storage, and keep the other 3 as long as I can, so perhaps a few weeks haha. Long story short, if your a fan of the flavor profile, would like to save a few bucks and want something that will constantly deliver, I highly recommend you grab a few of the Padilla Habano.

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