Padron 2000 Natural


Origin: Nicaragua
Size: 5 x 50 (robusto)
Wrapper: Nicaragua
Filler & Binder: Nicaragua
Body: Medium to Full
Strength: Medium to Full
Price: Roughly $4.00

Padron 2000

Behind the Stick:
The Padron 2000 really is a cigar that is starting to grow on me. When I first started smoking cigars I went into a local shop and asked them for a cigar that would be a good ‘go to cigar’ for my collection. As if by instinct the tobacconist reached to this rustic looking box and grabbed a rugged stick from inside. This stick, even in the cellophane, had a great appeal and without hesitation I purchased two. Since I started with them I have noticed that they are always in my humidor.

One of the main things that attract me to this cigar is that every single one I have had has been exactly the same, a feat that many cigar companies fall just short of. Great draw, easy cut, untouched burns, large volumes of smoke and a nice array of flavors. I will say, this is not a cigar that makes one say ‘wow’ nor is it an overly complex cigar but rather a stick where when you pick it up, you know exactly what your getting, quality.

This is not what you would call a beauty winner but this cigar really does have a more rugged appeal. The wrapper does have a more unfinished feel and texture – it reminded me of sandpaper. The more I smoke these the more I realize the mouth appeal as well – I tend to leave this cigar in my mouth after a draw, not chewing on it but just letting it rest. Over all, very good and consistent construction.

Flavor :
As I have said before, the flavors that appear are not the most complex, or that they do not change much from beginning to end. From the start, slight leather and a nice pepper sensation reach out to my taste buds. Nice deep earth flavors are also present, but seem to come and go throughout the cigar. Not many changes, but still a great stick for the price.

Conclusion :
I can not recommend this cigar enough, it truly is a great stick for the price. Do not expect a ‘wow’ cigar – but do expect a high quality, well priced and very consistent stick.

Jose Padron

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4 Thoughts to “Padron 2000 Natural”

  1. Love the review. I agree that it is one of the great price to value cigars out there. The Padron family does a great job.
    Bill Pappy Ferrara

  2. Mike - KnightRid

    I dont think I have ever had one of these – might have to pick 1 up to try! I figure as long as the price is low enough, this stick would be fine. I wouldnt pay $8 or more for it though 😉


  3. I love Padrons. I think they’re likely the best mass-produced cigar on the planet. Padron is always in the running for the No. 1 Cigar of the year and was robbed last year (2008).

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